The QRPer's field computing dream ...

the Poqet PC palm top computer!

The Pocqet PC is a small, battery-powered "palm top" computer that runs the DOS operating system and has an RS-232 serial port and non-volatile SRAM cards for disk storage. These little computers are absolutely perfect for use out in the field with battery power (like during Field Day) and in portable operating events: contest logging, serial terminal for control of rigs, note-taking, data gathering, etc.

Powered by 2 "AA" bateries, the Poqet PC has a flip-up 80 char x 25 line LCD display and a pretty usable keyboard. The 1 megabyte removable PCMCIA SRAM cards can also plug into your full-blown laptop in order to transfer files between the computers, and the built-in software (editor, calculator, scheduler, address book and terminal emulator) allows you to use this 8088 XT-compatible computer for many purposes around the radio shack.

The Poquet PC was marketed and sold in 1992 for about $300 as one of the first palmtop computers (along with HP), but was bought out by Fujitsu and then discontinued. Recently, a computer vendor in New Jersey latched onto large quantity of left-over and refurbished units and was selling them for a while for $25, including leather carrying case, modem and two 1MB SRAM "RAM-disk" cards.  Another model has also just become available providing NiCAD batteries, larger SRAM cards and a backlighted LCD screen.

Check out the information and links below to learn more about how the Poqet PC is able to work for you in your QRP station.

Last Modified: Nov 26, 2003