WJ2V finds a way for native communications with the PC Plus ...

Establishing the Serial Link - 2

It bothered me that there were these two programs in the ROM of our Poqet Plus called PC and PCS.  You should find them on your D: drive.  It just made sense that these programs were intended to give the Plus access to the outside world.   I have finally gotten them to work as communications programs which will allow you to copy files between your Poqet and a big computer.

First, you need a standard serial laplink (also known as a null modem) cable.  These can be purchased at computer stores or even Staples.  Next, you need to get the program PC out of your computer and into your desktop.  If you have no way to do this, email me, and I'll send it as an attached file.  Now, you're ready to begin:

On the Poqet, set it in the non battery saving mode.  That is, turn off the bar above the lightning bolt symbol with the Fn key and the F2 key together.  Next, run PCS--no additional switches are needed.  This puts the Poqet in the server mode.

Next, make sure PC is in an easily found subdirectory, or the root directory of the desktop so you can find it easily when you get to a DOS prompt.  Know which com port your serial port is on, and exit windows into DOS.  Don't try to run PC in a DOS window--This means, you must restart the machine in DOS.  Now, run PC (see instructions in the program to change ports if you aren't using COM1).  If you have it going, you will see the receiving box light momentarily on the Poqet, and a mapping of drives will be given to you.  Now you should be able to access the Poqet drives as if they are external drives of your desktop.  One thing you might want to do at this point is copy PQLink and VNA into your Poqet, as you may find these programs somewhat more convenient to use for file copying.  These are available for downloading--see my longer note posted on the NJQRP website. 

That's it.  Hope this helps some more isolated of our members.

Preston WJ2V

Last Modified: January 29, 2000