General information:

The purpose of this site is to collect and make available information about the NJ-QRP Club: its members, projects, activities and general interest topics within the QRP community.

Things you'll see on this site:

  • Meeting times and locations
  • Dates of upcoming hamfests in the Greater New Jersey area
  • Pictures from events and meetings
  • Project schematics
  • Links to other QRP club pages
  • Links to useful Ham Radio resources
  • Links to NJ-QRP member's home pages
  • Anything you would normally see in a club newsletter

NJ-QRP is a small informal QRP club centered in the New Jersey area. We have meetings approximately once a month.

For further information about the club, write to:

Vince WA2ECP (WA2ECP) or George N2APB (N2APB)

If you have any suggestions that could improve these pages, please feel free to send us some email.

We have our own email list server (and this Web site) thanks to Bob K2UT. The list server can be used to send mail about anything of general interest to all of the members. To subscribe, follow the instructions at: http://www.applegate.org/mailman/listinfo/njqrp

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