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Battery Packs Replacement

This is for all the new owers of the Poqet Plus's which have a battery pack. Having just gotten mine, I wanted to rebuild a old/weak pack so I could maximize usage time.

First, if you're careful, you can open the pack. Here's how I did mine:   [Note ... Refer to the photos at the bottom of this page]

1) remove the label ( carefully , you can put it back on )

2) from the end, there's a small seam between the rectangular notch and the square one...carfully with a sharp edge ( watch all fingers ) pry at the seam. Mine popped open a little and then with a small wedge, I worked my way down the seam that was under the label...from here I just slowly pull the two halfs apart.

What you find is two aprox AA sized batteries ( orig pack is 2.4v at 1400mAh ). The batteries size out to 49mm x 16.25 ( alki AA's are about 50mm x14mm) and the inside of the case is abt 17.5mm to 18mm.

The Nicads with tabs from Radioshack.com catalog are 48.2mm x 14mm @ 950 mAh for $3.47 each... not great, but its better than a dead battery.

Next in line are Ni-MH in AA format... these measure out at 48.2 x 14.4 @ 1200mAh for $5 each... much better, almost original power

But, better yet are the next set of AAs. These measure at 50.2mm x 17.0mm for 1800mAh at $8 each. These measure ever-so-larger than the stock, but there is room to fit them and you end up with a pack 400mAh larger than stock. This I like!

Your choice.... just don't forget to put back the safety items (overheat/charge limiter)back in the pack like orig.

By the way, there are other batteries that will fit, and there are probably cheaper ones if you look hard enough. I used RS catalog because it listed the physical dimensions. You may also want to stay with Nicad's over NiMH for charging concerns ... and they are cheaper. I found some 1500maH Nicads for $3.50 in other locations ... just keep in mind the size restrictions

Any questions, feel free to ask.

All Best


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Last Modified: January 30, 2000