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12V Cigarette Lighter Plug Power Cord

Today class, we will make a cable to run your Poqet Plus from your 12v supply/car cigar plug.

Items needed:

cigar plug ( with internal fuse )
2 sets of one way modular connection plugs ( like RS 270-026 ) ** so you
CAN'T screw up the polarity
some shrink tube or black elec. tape
3/4 amp fuse ( agc , not slow blow)
soldering iron/solder
wire cutters/stripper

Ok, first thing is to cut off your Plus power supply cord in half ( I cut mine abt 3 1/2 feet from the plug end ). ** not the AC cord **   Don't worry, we'll fix it again!

Now you have to trim back the insulation on both halfs... What you find is (on mine anyway) a GREEN insulated wire and a bare copper stranded wire.

Test your polarity to make sure as the Poqet needs a POSITIVE center on it's plug.

Attach the first set of modular plug connectors onto both ends of the power cable and use the shrink tube or tape to make things pretty.

At this point you should be able to hook together the power cable halfs and have a working power supply again... REMEMBER to again test the POLARITY for a positive plug center.

Now from the second set of modular connectors, take the proper one to fit the cable half with the power plug on it. Attach this modular connector to the cigar power plug (the RS parts have red/blk wires to make it easy). Again, check polarity.

Now, hook the cigar plug half and the power plug half together. Insert the 3/4 amp fuse into the cigar plug and plug it to your power source. ***Check AGAIN to make sure the center of the power plug is POSITIVE. Test the voltage out for 10 to 15v dc.

If you've gotten this far, Plug it into the Poqet Plus. The ORANGE LED will go on showing charging of the battery.( If battery is removed it goes GREEN or if not charging GREEN)

Turn on the Plus and enjoy an easy way to add more time or charge the system when away from AC.

I've been running mine now for 4 hours on a gel cell without problems (cell voltage started at 13.2 V ) Prior test shows the drop-out to be below 10 vdc.

MAX rated Voltage input is 15vDC @ 1.1amps , so check any supply you use for this. Also, it's not a good idea to have the computer pluged into the  auto cigar plug when starting vehicle

All the best,
    Tom AA2VK

PS: Mine is working ,if you mess up the polarity, yours may smoke... check all things twice.

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Last Modified: February 9, 2000