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Finding PCMCIA memory cards

I  tried an 8 MB Compact Flash card from my digital camera and it works too! It came with the camera, but I bought a bigger one, 32 MB, to hold about 100 high resolution pictures without having to change the card. I also got in the deal an adapter to plug a CF card into a PCMCIA slot on my laptop PC.

So, I put the 8 MB CF in the adapter and popped it into the Poquet and got an 8 MB drive B:.

The funny thing is my Thinkpad laptop reads the 8 MB or the 32 MB CF cards perfectly under Windows 95, but it won't read the 1 MB or 4 MB Poquet SRAMs.

With a 4 MB SRAM in drive A: (which is sees as 2MB) and the 8 MB in B:, I got lots of room for whatever.

Staples has 15 MB Sandisk available for $89.95 and 30 MB for 129.95. 

Since this is a popular item for digital cameras, there is a lot of competetion so you might find better prices elsewhere too. There also are smaller sizes, e.g. 4 & 8 MB. I am using an 8 MB verison which came with my camera. And I bought that 32 MB card for under $100.

You might check Best Buys, SAMs and other discounters. The best prices are likely to come from the camera mail order houses or do a search on the Web. I think I have seen 8 MB units for around $30.

What you need is COMPACT FLASH memory and a PCMCIA adapter. DO NOT BUY SMART MEDIA, it will not work.

Jim, WK8G

PS:  Nobody know why we can't format the 4 MB SRAM cards for more than 2 MB.  It seems it might have been marketing ploy back then with use of Stacker compression software

Last Modified: January 29, 2000