QRP Homebrewer Sprint

Monday March 28, 2011 ... 0000z to 0400z UTC 
(Sunday March 27, 20011 ... 8-12 PM EDT)

Put down the soldering iron and get on the air with other QRP homebrewers!  The NJQRP Club is sponsoring this fun, quick and easy QRP sprint ... with a homebrew twist!   Includes PSK31 mode and multipliers for home-built gear.  

Mission:     Promote homebrewed & homemade equipment on the air together. 
                         PSK31 Warblers too!  Anyone with ANY equipment can enter.

Sponsor:    New Jersey QRP Club ( http://www.njqrp.club )

The fourth Monday in March and in September,  0000-0400 UTC 
                       (Sunday evening in USA/Canada)

Modes:       CW and PSK31. (Both modes considered separate bands)
                         QRP CW and PSK31 frequencies recommended
on 80, 40, 20, 15 and
10 meters.

Exchange:   RST - State/Province/Country - Power out

QSO Points:
             2 Commercial Equipment
             3 Homebrew Xmtr or Rcvr
             4 Homebrew Xmtr AND Rcvr or Xcvr
             (Kits are okay for homebrew)

Power Mult:  The highest power used during the contest determines the multiplier ...
                             a) >5W = X1
                             b) >1-5W = X7
                             c) >250mW - 1W = X10
                             d) 250mW or less = X15

Multiplier:  State/Province/Country for all bands. The same station
                         may be worked on more than one band for QSO points and
                         SPC credit.  CW and PSK31 are considered separate bands.

SCORE:  Points(total for all bands) 
                     x SPC (total for all bands) 
                  x power multiplier.

Awards:  Awards:  Special certificates will be awarded.

Results:  Sprint results will be published on the NJQRP Web pages
                     and in AmQRP "Homebrewer Magazine".

                              Prior years:   2007:  Spring  and  Fall  
                                                  2006:  Spring  and  Fall
                                                  2005:  Spring  and  Fall
                                                  2004:  Spring  and  Fall
                                                  2003:  Spring  and  Fall
                                                  2002:  Spring  and  Fall
                                                  2001:  Spring  and  Fall

Logs    Entries must be received by 30 days from the contest. The
                     log sheets and summary should be included. E-mail logs are
                     accepted in text form. (No word processor files etc).
                     Also paper logs are ok.

                     Include an SASE or E-mail address for the results, if desired.

                     Please include your Soapbox info with your equipment and

             Send logs to:

                     Larry Makoski, W2LJ
                     327 Clinton Place
                     South Plainfield, NJ 07080

                     or send by email to w2lj@verizon.net


Last Modified: March 26, 2011