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QRP Homebrewer Sprint

Spring 2002

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Dateline: March 25, 2002

Hi Sprinters!

Thanks to all who enjoyed the Spring QRP Homebrewer Sprint on March 25, 2002.  (See full description here.)

1st Place winner K5ZTY (third straight win!) receives a Badger SmartBadge Kit.  Congratulations to Bill for another outstanding performance!  

Runner-up winners N2NC and W0PWE each receive a QRP Balun Kit.

Notable contestants (each receives a complimentary issue of QRP Homebrewer, or a 1-issue extension of his subscription):

Look for another running of this fun sprint on Sept 23, 2002 from 0000-0400 UTC. 

Hope to hear you then!

72 de Ken - N2CQ

PS:  Many thanks to QHB editor N2APB for presentation of the results here on these pages and for creation of the online certificates!  We think all participants will enjoy theirs in proud recollection of this season's QHB Sprint.



 =   SCORE

K5ZTY CW 97 388 50 7 135,800
N2NC CW 87 348 50 7 121,800
W0PWE CW 49 196 29 10 56,840
W0UFO CW 52 208 33 7 48,048
K3WW CW 51 204 30 7 42,840
AB0RS CW 38 152 28 10 42,560
N0RC Mixed 52 189 31 7 41,013
W1HUE CW 35 140 23 10 32,200
K5HK CW 35 140 21 10 29,400
KI0II CW 29 116 25 10 29,000
AD6GI CW 37 148 27 7 27,972
W5KDJ CW 27 108 22 10 23,760
K2UD CW 32 128 18 10 23,040
K4BAI CW 46 92 31 7 19,964
K7PVT CW 36 144 18 7 18,144
NK6A CW 29 116 20 7 16,240
W2AGN MIX 26 112 20 7 15,680
W3DP CW 25 100 16 7 11,200
KE1L CW 23 92 14 7 9,016
VE3SMA CW 13 52 10 15 7,800
W3ZMN CW 15 60 13 7 5,460
W1PID CW 17 68 11 7 5,236
KW4JS CW 15 60 11 7 4,620
N7CEE CW 11 44 9 10 3,960
KG4LDY CW 9 36 8 10 2,880
K4AVX CW 11 44 8 7 2,464
NK9G CW 16 32 11 7 2,464
KF4FHS PSK 14 28 11 7 2,156
AG4PJ PSK 8 40 7 7 1,960
VE3IGJ CW 10 40 7 7 1,960
KC0GXX CW 9 36 7 7 1,764
KC8LTL CW 8 32 7 7 1,568
N2CX CW 8 32 7 7 1,568
W2BVH CW 9 36 5 7 1,260
AB9CA CW 7 28 6 7 1,176
KB3AAG CW 6 28 6 7 1,008
KA2UPW PSK 6 30 4 7 840
K2HPV CW 4 16 4 10 640
WB7AEI CW 2 8 2 7 112
WQ2RP CW 93 356 48 7 119,616
(NJQRP Club Station, N2CQ Opr)      


 Elecraft K2 - Force 12 C4S and G5RV.   Well it was a good night for a contest except 15 and 10 meters didn't come out to play.  Had a good run on 20 for about an hour and a half then went to 40 and fought the QRN and the radar or whatever that horrible noise was that blanked the band. Tried 80 but the QRN was 5 over 9 or better. Made 2 contacts there. Sorry to those who I just couldn't pull out of the noise level. All that aside, it is always a good contest if it is QRP and you get to work the contest manager. Thanks to Ken for scoring this one again.
de Bill - HOUSTON, TX
 My first QRP contest.  Was only planning to fool around for a few minutes, but got sucked in and stayed with it until until 0315Z.  Running a K2 at 5W and dipoles on 20, 40 and 80.  The 80m dipole is fed with open wire through a tuner.  Sent everyone 599 reports because of the software I was trying to use.  Will have to try and find something better for next time.
John - N2NC, Howell, NJ
20 and 40 meters were the only bands open here. I have HB rigs for those bands so I ended up with an almost all HB station. Rigs: 20M Manhattan SST, 40M CSS Rcvr and NN1G Xmtr, both Manhattan style. Other HB items: PIC memory keyer, Power supply, remote antenna switch, and the antennas (trap and open sleeve dipoles). The contest was great fun. There were lots of nice QRP and QRPp signals on the bands. 
Jerry - Johnston, IA
Rigs: Red Hot NC-20, Red Hot NC-40. Antennas: 3EL 3BD Yagi, Inverted v dipole. Again, as last Fall, has an MS-15 ready but heard nothing on 15. Good fun on 20 and 40.
de Mert - Saint Paul, MN
I bought a K2 last year, but decided I was missing something, so bought a K1 KIT at Dayton and built it.  Recently upgraded to the 4 band module. I had other committments Sunday night, but got in a few hours of the sprint. I was pleased with the activity, the K1 is working great.  Antennas: 2 el Cushcraft 40 at 75 feet... pair of Bencher Skyhawks on 20. Used my laptop for logging... manually calculated the score, hope I did it right.
de Chas - Perkasie, PA
Elecraft K2 - 900mW
de Richard - St. Paul, MN
RIG: K1, NC20, PSK-20 5 Watts. ANTENNA(S)__Attic Dipole. Nice activity, enjoyed it. Will be back for more in the fall!
Rod, Fort Collins, CO
40M - Modified Norcal 40A - Inverted Vee
20M - Modified Norcal 20  - 450' longwire
15M - Modified MFJ Cub    - 450' longwire
de Larry - Idaho Falls, ID
de Carl - RENO NV
HB Xmtr & Rcvr <1W. Didn't have a chance to try any PSK but is a fun event!
Ron - Littleton, CO
Elecraft K2, 5 watts, 40M, 15M = dipole at 40'; 20M = dipole at 25'. S + P was not working well due to band conditions and found that QRZ? filled the bill. Increased my contact count near 10% over last Sprint and had great fun learning a different approach. My thanks to all the operators for their good ears and a special thanks to Ken Newman and the NJ QRP Club for another fine Sprint.
73, Chuck
Elecraft K1/4band Xcvr. 7, 14 & 21 Mhz
Mosley PRO57b. 7Mhz - DX-88 Trapped vertical.
de Wayne - Spring, TX
2N2/40 HB xcvr (<1W), Camcorder battery, end-fed-halfwave ant. Been absent on the air, good chance to get on.  40M was the ticket, 20M dead in the east, 80M not so hot. Dig that VE3SMA w/200mW, EEEEH!  That's punishing!
de Howard - Amherst, NY
FT1000MP (5W), TH6DXX, Dipoles. Long skip on 20m to NJ. Not enough activity. Maybe everyone was on PSK31?
73, John - Columbus, GA
Wilderness SST-20 >1W, KT34XA tribander up 60'. All in just an hour of operation. Didn't have any more time. XYL was 8-( as it was!
de Robert - Langley, WA
Rigs: K2 at 5W to a Force 12 C4 at 40' and K1 at 5W on 40M.
Don - Mar Vista, CA
Rigs: K2, PSK80 "Warbler.  Antennas: KT34 Tribander, 300' Horiz Loop, 80/40 Trap Dipole. Rather poor conditions, but gave new Trap Dipole a good test. Even got RI for new state, and worked AL on 80M PSK. (He was running Warbler).
de John - Vineland, Nj
Elecraft K1 (5W), G5RV, K20 Keyboard, battery power. 40M band conditions were very good. Best skip was W0PWE in Iowa at 559 running 1W. The usual QRO stations around 7040 oblivious to the QRP event! I am impressed with the K1 filtering.  I could copy very weak signals just 200 HZ away from S9 plus QRO stations with no problem.  They just disappeared!  This was in the 250 HZ F3 filter position.  Great little rig! Was amazed to work 16 states in one hour.  Good participation from all over.
72 all, Dick - Camp Hill, PA
What a struggle! The bands, they were not so good. Then they got worse. I took a break a bit after 9, and when I came back, 40 meters had been invaded by some sort of Woodpecker-ish interference, centered right around 7.040! It later went away for a while, but the band never seemed to recover from the insult. The closing bell hasn't quite rung as I write this, but I've had enough. The rig was K2 #1984 (Big Brother is listening) with all currently available options, set for 5W output. The antenna was a 40 meter inverted vee; the apex is anchored to the chimney of my house, about 40 feet up. 40 was the mainstay band, what with the antenna being set up for it, but I did manage to eke out a few QSOs on 20 and 80 as well. (The KAT2 will tune almost anything!) I heard KD1JV at one point, but I wasn't able to work him. Darn. I would have liked to snag an official melted-solder Q.
Mark - Dorchester, MA
Homebrew 200 mW output direct conversion xcvr, HB keyer and Bencher paddle, HB antenna tuner, 26' verical ant.  Started out at a good rate, but some time after 0100z the skip got very long, which made the rest of the contest tough going for a flea-powered station!
Steve - Cambridge, Ont.
Elecraft K2, Dipole on 80 and 40, R5 vertical on 20.
de Conrad - Bethlehem PA
40 meters  Emtech 5W, 20 meters  MFJ Cub 2W, Antenna  Off Center Fed Dipole 40 meters was dynamite. Operated for 45 minutes. Had a ball. Many thanks to all operators and organizers!
Jim - Sanbornton, NH
Station: Elecraft K1, ATU, end fed 80 foot wire with counterpoise, 10 cell AA NiMH pack, 1.5 watt solar. I operated on the fourth night of a six day backpack trip in Arizona's Blue Range Primitive Area. Considering that I was set up in the bottom of a 2,000 foot deep canyon, the bands sounded pretty good. Thanks to N2CQ and the NJ QRP Club for organizing this fine contest!
73, Bruce - Strayhorse Canyon, AZ
SW-40 home built Xcvr at 1 watt, all 40 meter CW. Noisy night on 40 meters with lots of QRM.  Strange propagation.  Heard a station in Venezuela calling CQ around 7050 about the time the Sprint began. Called him but my one watt just wouldn't make it.
73, Jim - Woodstock, VA
Nice contest.  Only got on on 40 meters about halfway through. Had lots of QRN, SSTV and SSB QRM, and shifting band condx. Used my DSW-40, a gelcell battery, and ant tuner with an 80 meter dipole.  Qso's tough to make during the last hour.
73, John - Hazard, Ky.
Rig: Yaesu FT-817, Antenna: Cushcraft R7 Vertical, 5 Watts. Activity could have been better, W5KDJ with 900mw has good signal into SE WI.
Rick - Cudahy, WI
 Man, I've got new respect for you QRP guys. This is the first contest I've done using 5 watts and it was definitely a challenge. I was using an old Kenwood TS-520 with nothing but SSB filters and a dipole up 70 feet, not the most ideal setup, but I must say I had a ball. I can't wait until the next one. Thanks for a great time & 73,
Bernie - Yelm, WA.
Warbler running 5 watts into 65' End-fed Zepp up 35'.  Static rolled in about 02:00, making things tough. Still, a lot of fun! (Sure would like to know what kind of antenna K6EIL was running!)
Regards, Dave - Mobile, AL
2N2/40 (Jim Kortge's design. 2W), HB Keyer based on 3 "555" IC's, Dipole up ~40', MFJ941E tuner. Lots O' Fun.
Thanks, Tom - Lincoln, NE
Rig: K2 #2030 at 5 w.  I almost didn't participate because the 40 M dipole was broken (used coax fed 80 M dipole and atu for 40) and the bands were crap in the afternoon, but gave it a short go anyway.
de Ken
Rig - HB Sierra at 3W Antennas : 40m inverted vee and 20m PAC-12 vertical.  40 and 20 meter operation
de Joe - NJ
de Lenny - Cranford, NJ
RIG: SWL SW 40+   Ant: Homebrew 40m vertica.  This is my very first contest.  Had a great time.  Wish I could have worked more.  Heard WQ2RP a couple of times but was never able to be heard.
de Dave - Loxley, AL
Small Wonder 40 meter xcvr built by friend (One hand operator) I enjoyed the contest and will be back even if I am still slow! (Ed: Go for it Frank!  Hope to hear you often!)
de Frank - Waynesburg, PA
I operated PSK31 exclusively on eighty meters with my Warbler. Where was everybody?  Not on eighty meter PSK31.  It sure didn't LOOK like a contest was going on.  After hastily constructing an eighty meter dipole and erecting it at about five feet, I made six PSK31 contacts.  Rig: PSK31 Warbler (80 m) about 2 watts out.  Antenna: 80 m dipole at five feet.  CPU: Pentium with Digipan
de Doug - NJ
Ten Tec 1320 (20 meters only). 900 mW. Gap Titan vertical. Sorry I couldn't do better....that heterodyne on 20 meters was devastating.
de Herb - Clarksboro, NJ
Here's my entry.  The bands were pretty bad, and only managed a couple contacts on 40M the last half hour of the event. (the only band I heard any signals on all day). Think maybe the "recovery" was better on the East coast since the sun had been gone longer. Gear:  Homebrew DC Rcvr, 1 watt VFO rig and 5 watt amp, tuner, swr meter, keyer, battery charger, antenna (random horizontal/vertical invisible wire). Still didn't run my "Pixie Deluxe" in this. Its a great event and hope the ionosphere Gods are in a better mood next time.  Not many signals, not very strong, more "agn?" than an SOC contest.  Thanks for the excuse to get on the air. Did I mention the conditions were a little rough?
72's, Phil WB7AEI - WA
Thanks to all for your interest and activity in the sprint.  40 meters was GREAT as long as Woody Woodpecker took a rest.  RIG: Elecraft K1 (40, 20 & 15m) and Kenwood TS850 (80m).  Ant: Mosley TA33jr & doublet.  Look for the Fall QHB Sprint on Sept 23, 2002 0000z.
72 de Ken N2CQ Opr - Woodbury, NJ

Many thanks for the excellent support for the Sprint from you all. Great to QSO all those Milliwatters with HB gear. Hope you all enjoyed it as I did.

72 de Ken N2CQ (WQ2RP Opr.)
 Woodbury, NJ   


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