Atlanticon Kit ...
The Badger
a Morse-Sounding SmartBadge IDer 


Shown above is the assembled Badger SmartBadge Kit. 
The laminated "Atlanticon" graphic was done by Paul Harden, NA5N, 
and the pc board layout was graciously provided by Dave Benson, K1SWL.
The activation microswitch is in lower left, the SuperBrite LED is on the left, and the piezo 
sounder device is on the right. The Badger attaches to shirt with clip at the top.


THE PHOTO ON THE LEFT is the back side of the Badger pc board with watch battery in the center 
and the surface mount SX microcontroller just to the right. (The SX comes 
pre-soldered on the board.) Other components are several pin headers for 
programming and expansion options, and a homebrew mini-paddle.  
(Can you guess at one of the Badger modes?! ;-)  The backside is covered 
with a piece of clear acetate to protect the electronics.

THE PHOTO ON THE RIGHT is the front side of the Badger pc board, on which the 
laminated badge is glued. The microswitch in the lower left, the LED on the 
left and the piezo on the right all protrude through the laminated badge to provide 
a  fun "user interface".



v1.0 - original
v1.1 - added keyline output
v1.2 - debounced pushbutton better
v1.3 - slower default Morse speed, freeform text string, disables unused CMOS inputs to save current


Here's another neat kit from the NJQRP Club  ... it's called "The Badger", a Morse-sounding SmartBadge IDer.  We've designed a programmable pc board that fits nicely under a standard laminated plastic badge.  At the touch of a button the Badger sounds the owner's callsign using Morse code through a piezo device and simultaneously blinks the code using a SuperBright LED.
But that's not all the Badger does!  There are eight different modes in which this SmartBadge can be placed: iambic keyer, straight key code practice oscillator, looping "beacon" mode, LED-only, piezo tone only, and more.  This is an incredibly fun project that will have your club members in stitches at your next meeting. Wear it at the next hamfest or use it as a portable keyer for your next field operating adventure.
The Badger kit comes with all components needed, including the battery and the personalized name badge designed by master artisan and QRPer Paul Harden, NA5N. The surface mount microcontroller chip comes already soldered on, and the professional quality pc board (designed and layed out by Dave Benson, K1SWL, another famous QRPer) is pre-programmed with your callsign. It will only take about 30 minutes to assemble your Badger.
The Badger design uses the same microcontroller chip as used in publications seen over the past year - QST's "PSK31 Audio Beacon", NorCal's QRPp "Logging Frequency Counter", QRP Quarterly's "Tone Generator", and of course in the QRP Homebrewer magazine. Full schematic and source code files are provided in the Badger Kit and you'll be able to use the programming tools presented in the mentioned articles in case you wanted to customize the Badger even more.


This kit is no longer available.

This kit is no longer available.

This kit is no longer available.


Last Modified: January 13, 2004