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QRP Homebrewer Sprint

Spring 2005

Hi All,

Here are the results for the 2005 Spring NJQRP Homebrewer Sprint.

Look for the next Homebrewer Sprint on USA Sunday evening on September 26, 2005 - 0000 UTC.  Additional details about this next event will be posted on the NJQRP website and in issue #6 of the AmQRP Homebrewer CD Magazine.

I hope all enjoyed the sprint! 

72 de Ken N2CQ@ARRL.NET


Call Mode      QSOs     Points  x SPCs  x PWR  = Score
(Op: N4BP)
CW 93 372 60 7 156,240
K0ZK CW 69 276 45 7 86,940
W0UFO CW 64 256 38 7 68,096
N0NTA CW 60 240 37 7 62,160
W5TVW CW 43 157 36 7 39,564
N8XI CW 44  176 26 7 32,032
W5ESE CW 31 124 26 7 22,568
N0TK CW 30 120 23 7 19,320
NR7F CW 29 116 20 7 16,240
VE3XT CW 26 104 20 7 14,560
K7RMJ CW 26 104 20 7 14,560
W7GB CW 26 104 19 7 13,832
N9LTV CW 24 96 20 7 13,440
W2LJ CW 25 100 19 7 13,300
NG7Z CW 17 68 16 7 7,616
K4GT CW 13 52 13 7 4,732
W1PID CW 9 36 8 7 2,016
W3DP CW 7 28 7 7 1,372
K6IMZ CW 11 22 8 7 1,232
KW4JS CW 7 28 6 7 1,176
KD5CMN CW 7 14 7 7 686
N8RN CW 4 16 4 10 640
N5SPE CW 4 16 4 7 448
VE3NXB CW 1 4 1 10 40
Check Log:
(Op: N2CQ)
CW 51 192 35 7 47,040


  Club Florida Contest Group
  Software: N1MM Logger V5.0.52
  Rig : Elecraft K2
  Antennas : TH7-DX, 40M Dipole, 80M Dipole
de Bob, (N4BP), Plantation, FL
  Rig: Elecraft K2 s/n 692, 5 Watts.
Activity was pretty good while conditions were generally lousy.
There was a lot of static crashes and signals were mostly weak
although the west coast seemed to come in alright and I was able
to snag Montana, WA, CA, OR, SD AB, AZ and 8P6 on 40 metres.
The antenna was a military 30 foot mast made of 33 inch aluminum
sections.  The antenna is a few feet above ground sitting on a
wine bottle insulator with 5 radials.  A homebrew antenna coupler
tunes this vertical well on 40, 30, 20, 15 and 10 meteres.  It
does fine on DX but just does not work for close-in states. 
I can't hear anyone in New England, NJ or nearby NY with it. 
I should put up a low dipole for those nearby states. 
I used a new key: a Bengali which I love.  I never thought
anything could better my Schurr.  The Bengali is not better, but
it is just as nice to send CW on it as the German paddle.
72 de Arn, Lebanon, ME
I was using a K2 at 5W to a TA-33 stuck S.E. on 20M and
a 120 ft zepp on 40M.
de Mert, St. Paul, MN
 Enjoyable contest even after eating too much at the Easter table
with family. I used my trusty K2 and Force 12 Sigma-40XKR vertical
antenna. Band conditions seemed very good, especially on 40 meters.
I worked approximately 3 of the 4 hour contest. Thanks for a great
73, Dick, Greeley, CO
Elecraft K1 POWER OUTPUT 5
ANTENNA(S): 135' Zepp at 50' fed with 450 ohm line.
Enjoyed contest.  20 wasn't good, but made a few there.  40 very noisy with
QRN but did OK considering.  Called and called on 80 and made more
multipliers in spite of the heavy QRN.  Hope to see everyone next time. 
72 to all!  Sandy, Hammond, LA
Elecraft K2 XCVR, 5W
40 Meters was in great shape, except for a little QRN      
(rain from the south)
72 de Rick, Taylor, MI
This was my first time to participate with my new
call (W5ESE). I was previously 'NJ0E'. I added 80
meters to my collection of kit gear with a Ten-Tec
TKIT 1380 (4 watts). Continued using my Ten-Tec
TKIT 1320 for 20 meters (3 watts) and my Small
Wonder Labs SW+ for 40 meters (2 watts). My
antenna is a 300' Horizontal Loop.
72, Scott, Dripping Springs, TX
Rig: K2 #3652 set at 5w  Ant: Attic Dipole
Heard WQ2RP, W5TVW and W0UFO on 80m but no antenna up to
try to work them.  Best signal heard was K0EVZ in the
first hour of the sprint.  All contacts were on 40m CW.
72 Dan, Highlands Ranch, CO
Station: Elecraft K2 at 5W. Antennas: single-band dipoles.In mid-March I completed my second QRP rig, a K2.
Having this radio has generated a lot more interest in
QRP events, so when I stumbled upon the QRP Homebrewer Sprint,
I could not pass it up. This was the first contest I made a
serious effort at. I was not even sure if I would put more
than about an hour into it , but at about 6:30 pm the activity
on 40 meters was sufficient enough that I decided to make a
go of it. de Michael, Bothell WA
The rig was a K1 to a homebrew vertical running 3W. 
Conditions were good for the entire contest and it was
long enough to enjoy the benefits of shifting propagation
to various areas in the south. 
Had a great time, thanks.  
de Bill, Thunder Bay, ON
The receiver I used is a home brew 160 meter receiver
with CA3028A mixer, a single MC1350P IF amp and has a 455KHz
IF. The receiver is used as a "tunable IF" with an outboard
home brew 40 meter converter installed in an Altoids tin.
My workbench power supply smoked on Saturday afternoon, so I
had to resort to a 12V gel-cell for the contest. Transmitter
is homebrew VXO controlled from the pages of QRP Classics.
Antenna is an inverted el up 25 ft. An electrical storm rolled
through the area about 19:00z so had to stop for a half hour
in the middle of the sprint, but had a ball anyway.
Let's do it again!!
Regards & 72's, Frank, MURFREESBORO TN
Equipment: Elecraft K1, A3 Tribander, R7 Vertical
Nice contest.  Keep up the good work.
73, Don, Moses Lake, WA
Rig: K-1 & Dipoles 20 & 40m
I always have a lot of fun on these Homebrewer Sprints.
One of these days I'll be able to participate for the entire
4 hours!
de Rod, Carterville, IL
Equipment used: K2 @ 5 Watts to a G5RV
I got a late start due to Easter company staying on into
the evening; but once on the air, I found plenty of staions
to work.  20 Meters was dead and 80 Meters had a high QRN
noise level, which was a disappointment.  It was good to
hear a lot of stations on the air on a holiday evening.
I'm looking forward to the next one!
Thanks, Ken!
Rig Elecraft K1 @ 5W
I was only able to fit in one hour due to other commitments.
Fun contest. Will look forward to the next one.
73 de Paul, BOTHELL WA
Rig: Elecraft K2 @ 5W
de Jim, Atlanta, GA
Rig: Rig DSW-20 and DSW-40  2 watts ea.
Ant. Windom OCF dipole
de Jim, Sanbornton, NH
Station: K1 at 5W output to G5RV at 25 Feet inverted Vee                           
NJQRP member #427. I was looking forward to this event,
but gave up early due to the heavy QRN crashes. Thought
I would turn in a log to show I at least participated. 
Hope conditions are better next time.
73, Dick, Camp Hill, PA
Operating using a Kenwood TS2000 at 5W into a High Sierra
Screwdriver at 15 feet up.
First time in a QRP/CW contest, what a kick! Not a serious
effort, just wanted to get my confidence back on CW. Condx
and local noise not great but was surprised by reports. I
think I am in my own class: LPCA, (Low Power Crummy Antenna)! 
I hope to have my homebrew 6AG7 osc. and S-38B going by the
September contest.
How about a class for homebrew xmtr and pre-1960 rcvr?
A lot of us are re-living our novice days with similar rigs.
Thanks for the opportunity to have so much fun!
de Paul,  Surprise, AZ
Rig: Elecraft K2 running 5 watts into a R7000 vertical.
Big thunderstorms at this QTH which resulted in not
vy much sprint.
I used a commercial transceiver (FT-817) and ran 5 watts
to an 88 foot dipole, so 2 points per QSO.  I wasn't
aware of which contest it was, I was just cruising
around the bands waiting for supper.  I could have
used my Norcal 20 and doubled my point count. 
It's great to hear lots of QRP signals on the air.
Thanks and 73 de Mike, LAKE JACKSON TX
Rig: Sierra operated off a small solar charged battery
Pwr Out: 800 milliwatts
Ant: Inv. Vee up 24 feet
I had to entertain relatives over Easter weekend so I
was only able to get late into the contest for around
20 minutes. It was fun while it lasted.
QRP operators are the best. I especially appreciate
NR7F way out in Washington state picking up my weak
signal. Good ears.
de Roy, Englewood, OH
Rig: Elecraft K1 @ 5w
de Jim, Brandon MS
First time entry in this sprint.
I had only limited time to have fun with my 40 meter
unmodified Rock Mite. I only worked one CW fairly strong
signal station, WQ2RP. May work 5w multi band next time.
Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy the CW sprints.
de Greg, Kitchener, ON.
WQ2RP: (NJ QRP Club Station, N2CQ opr)
Many thanks for your interest and activity in the Homebrewer Sprint.
The rig here is the K1-4 at 5 watts on 20m and 40m and a Kenwood
TS-850sat for 80m.  The antenna is a random end fed wire (40m-80m)
and TA33jr tribander (20m). 
Hope to see you again in the next NJ QRP Homebrewer Sprint on
Sep 26, 2005 0000z
72 de Ken, Woodbury, NJ

Many thanks for the excellent support for the Sprint from you all. Great to QSO all those Milliwatters with HB gear. Hope you all enjoyed it as I did.

72 de Ken N2CQ (WQ2RP Opr.)
 Woodbury, NJ   


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