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QRP Homebrewer Sprint

Fall 2006

Hi All,

Thanks very much for your participation in the NJQRP Homebrewer Sprint, Fall 2006. I hope you all had a good time even during the sunspot bottom. There will likely be a couple if changes for the next Sprint. I expect to include extra points for portable operation. Need some Inspiration for portable operation? 

Have a look at our winner AA9NF's Inspired field trip at: or the fun canoe operation by W1PID at: 

An early start and early end may be the ticket for the next sprint.

CU next time!

72 de Ken N2CQ@ARRL.NET

2006 Fall NJQRP Homebrewer Sprint Results

Call  Mode QSOs Points x SPCs x PWR  =  Score
AA9NF  CW   38   152      27     7     28,728
K0ZK   CW   31   124      25     7     21,700
K4BAI  CW   41    82      30     7     17,220
K3ESE  CW   23    92      21     7     13,524
WA3RML CW   27    54      25     7      9,450
K2OH   CW   18    72      17     7      8,568
W0UFO  CW   20    80      15     7      8,400
VE3KQN CW   18    72      14     7      7,056
KD2MX  CW   14    56      12     7      4,704
W1PID  CW   13    52      11     7      4,004
W0PQ   CW   11    44      10     7      3,080
W2JEK  CW   11    44       9     7      2,772
WB8LZG CW    8    32       7    10      2,240
K2QR   CW    9    18       8     7      1,008
WA3OFF CW    6    24       6     7      1,008
KC9GMN CW    4     8       4     7        224
N0BK   CW    2     8       2     7        112
N0EVH  CW    1     4       1    10         40


Rig : Elecraft K2 Antennas : Dipole
40 seemed to be the best band. Lots of QRN on 80 and
signals were weak. Not many folks on 20. 

DE Pete, Naperville, IL
Conditions were very noisy for most of the contest. 20 metres was
open for just a short time. 40 was noisy but I managed to work NV
on both bands which is quite good from Maine.
This Sprint was my first use of computer logging. I used an 
AlphaSmart DANA palm pilot-type unit with GOlog installed for logging
only, no transmitting. The keyboard logging worked fine and I plan to
use it now in longer QRP contests. 
Equipment here was an Elecraft K2 at 5 watts and a homebrew irrigation 
tubing vertical groundplane with elevated radials. Oakhills QRP watt
meter. Homebrew memorykeyer, Schurr Einbau Wabbler paddle. Autek 
QF-1A audio filter and Sony head phones. 

de Arnold, Lebanon, ME - FN43nk

(N2CQ: Thanks for the QRP Inc. Polymer gloves box top. Did they help in
the Sprint?)
FT1000MP, 5 watts output, TH6DXX, dipole, zepp. All commercial gear. 

de John, Columbus, GA
K2, loop. I didn't get to work the entire contest, but it was fun
while it lasted!
IC703 @ 5wts + 20M vertical, 40M dipole; I had a lot of fun.
Operated from my back patio with the rig, a battery, a lantern, and 
my trusty Vibroplex bug. However....I could shoot myself! I could 
just as easily have used my K2 (or KX1) and doubled my score - 
homebrew instead of commercial. Still...I had too much fun to
complain. Thanks for the QSOs and for putting up with the "bug".

de Andy, Arlington, TX
Rig is an Elecraft K2 operating at 4.8w output to a B&W all HF 
band folded dipole. These sprints are nice type of activity. 
Nice that the RTTY test ended as this started. Where did all 
the ops go at 0200? Thanks for your (club/group/committee) efforts.

73, William, Apalachin, NY
Rig: K2 @ 5watts.
I started late because I almost forgot this event and then it seemed 
like everyone quit after 0200 but I had a great run prior to 0200. 
My rig has a problem on 80M so didn't try there and 20M was dead by 
the time I started so only worked on 40M. Thanks for the fun.

de Mert, St. Paul MN
Condx very tough with the increase in "A" indices.
Radio was a K2 and the antenna was a single feed windom.

de Jim, Pickering, ON
Conditions and activity weren't as good as in the spring but I was 
satisfied to have made it into the homebrew category. Seemed to be 
some RTTY contest stragglers that made for a lot of 40M QRM in the 
first hour. Only worked the first two hours but then checked back 
after 0300 and but everybody must've gone to bed. Perhaps I'll get 
a Warbler together for the Spring. 72 until then...

de Paul, Oakland, NJ
Rig: DSW-40 2W
Ant: Windom OCF Dipole

de Jim, Sanbornton, NH

de David, Omaha, NE
Rig - OHR-500 running 5 watts out. 
Antennas - 40M dipole and 80M end fed Hertz at 25 ft.
A nice contest. Am looking foreward to Spring Contest. 
Maybe more sunspots.

72/73 Don, River edge, NJ
Gud Sprint tonight. 20 m closed up here just as contest started so 40 
was the band. I just recently purchased a K1 es did a sprint earlier 
at 4 watts, so I decided to do this one at 1 watt. It just never ceases 
to amaze me at what 1 watt can do. Even had a couple guys tell me what 
a nice signal I had fer only a watt. That put the icing on the cake ! 

73 Gregg, Dimondale, MI
"First Flight" for my no-cost G5RV (NO antenna parts bought!) w/ IC-703 @ 5W. 
40m activity seemed to quit at 0200 and never did hear any players on 80. 
Fun nonetheless. Back to HW-8 one of these times. 

73 es tnx the fun de Dick, Endicott, NY
Rig: ATS-3A, 5W CW
Antenna: Random-length inverted L up 20', Daiwa tuner

For this Sprint I used my featherweight ATS-3A configuration (plus
a larger battery and an external speaker) to get some more practice
using the buttons-as-paddles modification. As usual, I managed
to fat-finger the buttons and got the wrong keyer memories playing
at least once (to AA9NF, sorry about that), so I still need more
practice with this rig. As for the bands, 40M was best for me
while 80M had a bunch of QRN, working some familiar folks and a few
new ones. People seemed to migrate to 80M after a few hours. By
about 0230z I was hearing few stations and I broke off early.

72s, Dave, Rockville, MD
This was only my second sprint I have been in, and am enjoying them very much,
Thanks to the stations I had contacts with !! I am using a ten tec century 21 
running 5 watts to a homemade dipole up 30 feet, looking forward to the next sprint

73 Bob, Clinton, IL
Rig: K2 #3646. Built by owner and proud of it. 5 watts.

de Bruce, St. Paul, MN
SRI could only play a short while.
Ran 1 watt to 80 meter loop with K2.



Many thanks for the excellent support for the Sprint from you all. Great to QSO all those Milliwatters with HB gear. Hope you all enjoyed it as I did.

72 de Ken N2CQ (WQ2RP Opr.)
 Woodbury, NJ   


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