NJQRP Sniffer

A Tunable, Multiband Field Strength Meter Kit

Designed by  Joe Everhart, N2CX

Kitted by the  New Jersey QRP Club  www.njqrp.club  


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An RF field strength meter is one of the simpler – yet more valuable – pieces of test equipment that a ham can have around the shack. By nature, our interest centers on the characteristics of the radio frequency energy we are pumping out of our antenna …  how much, how efficient, its directivity and bandwidth. A properly used Field Strength Meter (FSM) can provide invaluable relative insight to each of these characteristics, and more.

The NJQRP Sniffer is a tuned-input, multiband-capable FSM for the HF amateur bands that is easily constructed using commonly available components.  The NJQRP Club is providing a kit of parts and instructions to help guide the homebrewer through Manhattan-style assembly of the Sniffer , and a theory of operation section that explains circuit fundamentals.  The manual also describe common uses and operating techniques for this piece of test equipment.  

The Sniffer is an ingenious creation of master QRP designer Joe Everhart, N2CX and is easily constructed using “Manhattan-style” techniques.  All components and PCB material are provided, along with manual sections on test and usage, and a thorough circuit description to help you really understand the project. A full-scale template is provided as an example for parts layout, or you can build it using your own imagination.  Perhaps even build it into a nice enclosure.  By assembling this simple kit you’ll have an enjoyable homebrew experience using a popular construction technique and you’ll end up with a very useful measurement device for years to come.

Sorry, the Sniffer Kit is no longer available.



Last Modified: March 2014