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QHB #10 -- April 2003

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High-Performance HF VFO using the AD9854 DDS Chip, by Craig Johnson, AA0ZZ
Build an Active Antenna, by Phil DeCaire, WB7AEI
Building Up the QuickieLab, by Joe Everhart, N2CX
A Multiband Slinky Coil for the PAC-12 Antenna, by James Bennett, KA5DVS
The NJQRP "Sniffer" Field Strength Meter, by J. Everhart, N2CX and G. Heron, N2APB
The Diode Detector -- Revisited (Again!), by Phil DeCaire, WB7AEI
"SPaddle" -- a lightweight vertical padle, by Seab Lyon, AA1MY
Tunable Audio Filter -- Another "20 Minute Project!", by Phil DeCaire, WB7AEI
Enhance your Sniffer with the "Sniffer Mark II" Mods, by Larry Przyborowski, K3PEG
Wireless Audio for Mobile Rigs, by Bob Liesenfeld, WB0POQ
Add a VCO to the Sniffer FSM for Audio Output, by Bob Johansen, WB2SRF
A Primitive Antenna Analyzer - Part 2 "Linearity Comp", by Doug Wilson, WA0VSL
Son of PC Power Supply, by Matt Kastigar, W0XEU

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Last Modified: June 25, 2003