K8IQY Islander Audio Amp 

A simple audio amplifier kit built Manhattan-style using the Islander Pad Cutter

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This Manhattan-style "bag-o-parts" kit contains all components and most materials needed to construct the K8IQY Audio Amplifier, as described in full detail in QRP Homebrewer issue #6.  



1) All circuit components (resistors, caps, transformer, transistors)

2) Pre-cut copper-clad pcb material for the base board

3) Strips of pcb material for the builder to snip off to form the Manhattan pads, and

4) Manual with detailed technical description and construction information, with outstanding construction artwork provided by Paul Harden, NA5N.


(Note:  The Islander Pad Cutter is not included, but may be ordered separately.  Click here for details.)

Kits are no longer available.


Last Modified:  March 2, 2004