PSK-80 "Warbler"

First Warbler-Warbler-Warbler QSO

KD7S - AB5PC - KI6DS do it in a "roundtable" QSO

Oct 29, 2000 -- Wow, Wow, Wow!!  What a great weekend.  I built my NJ QRP Club PSK80 Warbler kit yesterday, and took it to Sanger to get a crash course in operating PSK from Bill Jones, KD7S.  He had me up and running in no time, helped me install the software, showed me the cable connections, and I was off for home so we could make the first Warbler to Warbler production board qso.  I got home after an hour and a half drive, fired up the rig, and there was a qso going.  It was Dave, AB5PC and Bill, KD7S, who were both using their warblers.  Darn, I missed out on a chance to make history.  Then I grinned, typed, break de KI6DS and waited for a break.  I got my chance and jumped in.  Bingo, now it was a threeway between KD7S, AB5PC and KI6DS, all using home built PSK80 Warbler transceivers and we had almost solid copy for about a 45 minute round table.

So, Dave and Bill get the honors for the first ever Warbler to Warbler qso, but I was part of the first ever roundtable with production warbler kits. Guys, this is FUN FUN FUN.  Hey, it might even be illegal it is so much fun. The round table part is great.  I live in Dos Palos, Dave lives in Fresno 60 miles away, and Bill lives another 20 miles or so farther south in Sanger. Bill was using a vertical, I was using a skelton cone up 30 feet, and Dave said his antenna was terrible, and he did not elaborate, but did say he was doing some antenna work tomorrow.

Man, $35 is all that it costs to get on this new mode!!  Thanks to Dave Benson the designer and the NJ QRP Club for kitting a fabulous kit.  The board is first class, NorCal quality, as are all the parts.  What a great kit this is.  All the parts are there, and it is easy and fun to build.  And you know what?  There are 2 surface mount SOIC 8 pin ICs and I didn't even think about it until after it was over.  Hey, I just installed a surfacemount part, and didn't even give it a second thought while I was doing it!!  The SMK-1 has done its job.

George Heron sold 100 of these kits last weekend at Pacificon, so I know the y are out there.  Get them built guys, and let's set 8:00 PM Pacific time as a time to check the frequency for West Coast PSK activity.  I'll be on tomorrow night and I bet Bill and Dave will be too!!

Note, you will need to buy a db9 male to db9 female cable and 2 stereo 1/8" plug audio cables, but that is all you need.  The soft ware is free.  Check the NJ QRP CLub web site for full details.  Ordering information for the kits is there too.  Remember $35!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A great, great kit.

One more comment.  Dave Benson is a genius.

72, Doug, KI6DS

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Last Modified:  October 30, 2000