PSK-80 "Warbler"

A Simple PSK31 Transceiver for 80m

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     Here's a little brother to the popular PSK-20 PSK31 transceiver designed for 20m operation by Dave Benson, NN1G in 1999. This time, Dave simplified his design and took advantage of inexpensive crystals for a popular 80m frequency to create the "PSK-80"
     Wishing to proliferate an easy and inexpensive way for hams to get on 80m with PSK, NN1G shared the design with the NJQRP Club who  kitted and sold the project world-wide for 1.5 years. We named the it "The Warbler" for PSK's characteristic two-tone warble sound, as well as for the club's state bird (the mosquito!). 
     As it turns out, 80m is a great band for local (200 mile radius) communications, and the PSK-80 Warbler is the perfect, narrow band, low power rig for club round table QSOs and regular fireside skeds with your friends.
- Double-sided PCB 3" x 4.5", plated-thru-holes, solder masked & silkscreened for easy assembly
- Fixed 1 KHz band from 3580-3581 KHz
- 3W PEP output (can get more with careful attention not to overdrive, monitoring for acceptable IMD)
- interfaces with your computer's soundcard and serial interface
- 20 page Technical Manual for detailed Theory of Operation, Assembly Instructions, Set-up and Usage
- Special bonus section in manual: "PSK-31 & DigiPan Primer"
- All on-board parts supplied in kit (as pictured here)
- add a computer and an 80m antenna and you'll be on the air with PSK31
- no drift, no VFO tuning, no muss, no fuss!
- design uses 2 surface mount SA612 mixers ... easy to solder down, and (most of all) available in great quantity parts shortages!

The Warbler Kit is now being supplied by Small Wonder Labs.  Please visit their web site ( for complete ordering details.


Last Modified: February 17, 2002