Simple Regen Radio for Beginners

Manhattan-style Construction

Charles Kitchin, N1TEV has a wonderful little regenerative radio project in the September 2000 issue of QST.  Taking this design, I worked closely with a couple of Boy Scouts in the neighborhood who showed some interest in my "radio stuff", and we together constructed the Regen Shortwave Receiver using Manhattan-style ugly construction techniques.

The radios have each turned out to be just superb performers, and I now have a couple of Boy Scouts bouncing off the walls hearing some nice, strong short wave broadcast stations for the first time!  What a beautiful sounding receiver!  These teens are totally psyched and hooked on this "radio-thing" upon hearing Radio Czechoslovakia booming in from a radio that they built from scratch.

Take a look at the FRONT view, the REAR view and the LAYOUT diagram we used for the construction. Also see one of the scouts, Mark, at my radio bench starting the assembly of the copper-clad pcb material we used for the chassis.

See the Regen schematic here.

If you haven't been bitten by the Regen bug yet, get out your soldering iron and give this one a try. The N1TEV article in September QST is wonderfully clear and easy to follow.  Thank you Charles!!

73, George N2APB

Last Modified: September 8, 2000