by Joe Everhart, N2CX

Those of you familiar with the QRP ARCI Quarterly should know of Mike WA8MCQ's excellent Idea Exchange column. It is a wealth of information in a format that is a mix of QST's Hints and Kinks and Technical Topics. Over the years Mike has published a huge amount of material for QRP homebrewers including a number of my "Joe's Quickies" (I think the number is now in the 20's). I've reproduced some Quickies below that are most applicable to the current NorCal "2222" contest. Hope you find them useful in this fun design and building activity! I'll be adding more Quickies soon, and of course, credit for first publication is given to the QRP ARCI.

Joe's Quickie #1: "Quickie Audio Oscillator"

Joe's Quickie #2: "Protection from Improper Power Supply Connections"

Joe's Quickie #8: "Roll-Your-Own Quickie Voltage Regulator"

Joe's Quickie #21: "PC Dots for RF Breadboarding"

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Last Modified: Nov 30, 1997