QRP Homebrewer Sprint

FALL .................. September 24, 2001 0000-0400 UTC 
Spring ........
March 25, 2002 0000-0400 UTC  

(Sunday evening in the US)

Put down the soldering iron and get on the air with other QRP homebrewers!  The NJQRP and "QRP Homebrewer" magazine are sponsoring this fun, quick and easy QRP sprint ... with a homebrew twist!   Includes PSK31 mode and multipliers for home-built gear.  Prizes for the winner(s) and special certificates for all.

Mission:     Promote homebrewed & homemade equipment on the air together.
                         (Warblers too!) Anyone with ANY equipment can enter.

Sponsor:   New Jersey QRP Club ( http://www.njqrp.club )

The fourth Monday in March and September  0000-0400 UTC (Sunday evening in USA/Canada)

Modes:       CW and PSK31. (Both modes considered separate bands)
                         QRP CW and PSK31 frequencies recommended
on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters.

Exchange:   RST - State/Province/Country - Power out

QSO Points:
             2 Commercial Equipment
             3 Homebrew Xmtr or Rcvr
             4 Homebrew Xmtr AND Rcvr or Xcvr
             5 Homebrew PSK31 station
             (Kits are ok for homebrew)

Power Mult:  0-250 mW = x 15, 250 mW-1W = x10, 1-5W = x7, >5W = x1.
                              (The highest power used during the contest for the mult.)

Multiplier:  State/Province/Country for all bands. The same station
                         may be worked on more than one band for QSO points and
                         SPC credit.  CW and PSK31 are considered separate bands.

SCORE:  Points(total for all bands) 
                     x SPC (total for all bands) 
                  x power multiplier.

Awards of current NJQRP Club kits or subscriptions to 
                    "QRP Homebrewer"  will be provided based on the number 
entries received. Special certificates will also be awarded.

LOGS:     Entries must be received by 30 days from the contest. The
                     log sheets and summary should be included. E-mail logs are
                     accepted in text form. (No word processor files etc).
                     Also paper logs are ok.

                     Please include your Soapbox info with your equipment and

             Send logs to:

                     Ken Newman, N2CQ
                     81 Holly Drive
                     Woodbury, NJ 08096

                     or send by email to n2cq@arrl.net


Last Modified: Aug 28, 2001