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NJQRP Club Meeting Recap:  March 23, 2013 ... Annual Parts Swap!

Though delayed a week so as not to interfere with the TCF, this month's meeting was well worth attending.  The theme was "Swapmeet". Many members truly emptied their basements and garages to trade with others or to sell their no longer needed stuff at nominal prices.

Jim K2SZ continued his string of bringing bags of components for sale at bargain prices. Treasures included were vintage two-gang variable broadcast capacitors, a number of bags of tube era (but still quite usable) resistors and capacitors and even some IBM PC-compatible memory sticks.

Ray K2ULR brought a box with a large variety of QRP kits and components that he decided will likely not be built any time soon and would better be taken home by those with more space and hot soldering irons.

Long time member Bryan AA3WM brought a number of neat components including some high quality capacitors and fantastic quartz crystals from the estate of a friend of his.

Joe "JJ" KC2VGL brought along some high quality commercial test equipment and a Century 21 transceiver in excellent condition.

Jack WB2OXW brought along a couple of vintage transmitters (Heathkit SB-401) that are in need of some TLC refurbishing ... one lucky guy brought home a good deal. 

Joe N2CX had yet another Century 21 rig and a small table top Harbor Freight light duty saw. He also distributed 10 kits for a simple-minded LED tester using pc board scraps and other components gleaned from previous club kits.  (We'll soon have the plans for this posted on the website.)

The hit of the day was all the good stuff that George N2APB brought along from club member Nancy NJ8B. Over many years, Nancy and husband Tom W8KOX (SK) had collected lots and she's thinning her basement now to make room for even more stuff!. There's too much to list but you can see much of the items in the photos below.  There were several oscilloscopes, signal generators, meters, antennas, transceivers and various accessories that she decided might as well be in someone else's shack - thanks Nancy!  (There was much more that didn't even make it to the meeting and we'll post a separate For Sale page shortly ... good prices for club members!)

There were several other tables of equipment other folks brought as well that were cleaned out before they were documented.

Thanks to all who attended and participated in "sharing the wealth" by redistributing ownership of all the neat goodies!

Joe N2CX  &  George N2APB

PS:  We had couple of new members with is this time:  Rick W2JAZ and Mat KB3MCU (name right?).  WELCOME!

Some shots during the meeting ...


Jim K2SZ parts bags!

Still available is (left-to-right): the Regen receiver on far left, Growler SWR Bridge, 12-V power supply, and the Johnson Matchbox ATU.  Contact Dave WB2DJN if interested.

Still available are the two Centry 21 CW rigs, 100W, full QSK.  Good deals! 
Contact Joe N2CX or JJ KC2VGL if interested.

Joe N2CX showing off how his Simple Homebrew LED Tester works

Jack's (WB2OXW) *gorgeous* homebrew crystal receiver ... model of simplicity ... and it works!


Last updated: Jan 20, 2013