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The New Jersey QRP Club is a group of Amateur Radio operators sharing a common interest in QRP (low power) communications, building equipment and swapping tall tales. By mutual agreement, our club has no formal officers, rules or dues.

Who are the members?

Our members are mostly from the New Jersey area but anyone can join and we have members from almost "everywhere" thanks to the Internet.


We hold periodic meetings, usually on the third Saturday morning of each month. Most meetings are held in the Brooklawn Senior/Community Center, 101 2nd St, Brooklawn, NJ. Meetings are very informal, there is no "business meeting" (i.e., no reading of minutes, secretary or treasurer's report, etc.) and almost no formal agenda. Folks usually bring their latest project for "show and tell" and many bring along excess parts to share with other members. See our Next Meeting page for more info.

Constructive Anarchism:

While there is no formal leadership, several individuals have voluntarily stepped forward (or did everyone else take a step back?) to keep things running. The club's founder: Vince, WA2ECP, developed the web site and maintained it through 2015. John, NU3E, became webmaster in 2016 (just contact John at the email address below to add/change anything on the site). QRP Hall of Famers: George, N2APB and Joe, N2CX coordinate and run the meetings and supply technical expertise. Ken, N2CQ is our contest guru. Other members participate according to their desires and interests.


Most club coordination is done here on the club's Web pages and also through our Yahoo! Group which you are welcome to join.


Function Name Call Email
Web site John NU3E NU3E
Meetings George N2APB N2APB
Technical advice Joe N2CX

Last updated: May 8, 2016