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Photo Recap of the Sept 15, 2012 NJQRP Meeting

We had a wonderful "outdoor event" right there in the grassy backyard of the Brooklawn Community Center where we normally meet.  The meeting being held on the same day as the QRP Afield operating event gave us ample reason to set up 5 different stations and antennas to work the 'test.  Those with active stations included: K2UT, K2ULR, KA3RYS, N2CX and N2APB.  We made a bunch of contacts, did some horse trading out of our trunks, tried a bunch of different antennas, made the FIRST EVER QSO (way to go Dave, KA3RYS!!), and played with Bob & Ray's new KX3 rigs ... whatta a great time! See you all next month!

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Last updated: Oct 22, 2012