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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Minutes by Brian Boccardi, N2MPM and Gerry Jurrens, N2GJ.


John Acacia, KB3OXW
Brian Boccardi, N2MPM
Jim Dicso, K2SZ
Dave Ottenberg, WA2DJN
Mark Phillips, NI2O (aka G7LTT)
Pushpendra Khaira, AB2XF
Gary Wilson, K2GW
Alan Miner, WA2CZG
Lenny Wintfeld, W2BVH
Richard Bitzer, WB2ZKW
Denis Albisser, AB2PD
Ray Sills, K2ULR
Gerry Jurrens, N2GJ
Norberto Perez, NY8N (came to help out the N2ARC station project)

Meeting notes:

Gary K2GW and Gerry N2GJ left the meeting early to work on reassembling N2ARC while the others were meeting in the board room. Here's a link to a slide show of the newly reassembled station.

Jim K2SZ discussed his K9AW terminated loop antenna for 80 meter work.

Dave WA2DJN showed off a 9:1 balun with 85 feet of wire he has used with up to 100 Watts.

Mark NI2O brought and discussed many interesting items including:
An Acer little (netbook) computer, the Aspire One.
A DRM receiver from Elecktor and reception reports he received including Radio New Zealand.
An SDR receiver with 4066 mixer problems with VFO generation.
The YU1LM receiver and AVALA-01 SDR transceiver boards.
He is using a CL-USCM2 USB to sound card from geeks.com.
A DRM transmiter on 26 MHz (board passed around).
He built a 24 hour clock with Numitron tubes and is working on a LED clock.
Mark went to Switzerland and got some nice Altoids-like tins.
Lots of Mark's projects are described in detail on his G7LTT Web site.

Push AB2XF discussed:
An AVR USB implementation in software.
Microcontroller BASP.
The Mouser Web site has radios for remote 433 MHz for 16.00, the radiotronix embedded radio module. We discussed how these have other QRP applications.

Alan WA1CZG needs to go with an invisible antenna for 160 Meters and work it with a tuner. He had no joy with an antenna in the attic.

Lenny W2BVH has done little operating, discussed the Mountain Lake web site (mountainlake.k12.mn.us) and propagation.

Richard WB2ZKW set up a work bench to check out equipment. Most stuff is working except for an HP analyzer.
Computer working to connect sound card and has built a few interfaces
Ham clubs Cherryville - Astronomy group/radio astronomy in Voorhees
A SID monitoring station and a meotor scatter station.

Additions/corrections welcome!

Respectfully submitted, 73,
Brian Boccardi, N2MPM
Gerry Jurrens, N2GJ

See you all at the next meeting! (See the NJQRP Event Calendar for the full set of meeting dates.)

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