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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Fourteen members and guests attended this meeting:

Gary, K2GW
Clark, WA2UNN
Charles, KA2ZNP
John, KB3OXW
Lenny, W2BVH
Tom, KD3DI
Dave, WA2DJN
Vojtech, AA2ZA
Gardiner, W6AXM
Dennis, W2IU
Brian, N2MPM
Richard, WB2ZKW
Joe, N2CX

Meeting notes:


Gary, K2GW , began with an explanation of the Honda EU3000i, and how they have outstanding performance, which can be paralleled into 4 KW. These are the generators used here at the Red Cross building that we meet in. According to Gary, his experience is that they can be run for approximately 13 hrs. on one gallon of gas. And these generators are acoustically quiet, and RF quiet.

Other stories and discussions of generators and secrets to using any generator being to run them every other month, and use stabilized gasoline. Some discussion of diesel generators also followed.

Of Timely Value:

Honda has earlier this year introduced the Honda EU3000i Handi, which is rated at all the same features and characteristics of its bigger "brother", however, it is 45% lighter, dry weight, at only 78 lbs.

There is, this week, an article in The Fisherman, New Jersey and Delaware Bay Edition , November 5, 2009, Issue No. 45, with a page and a half article on this new EU3000i Handi, detailing its specs, and observations on its performance. This magazine should still be available on some newsstands, perhaps at bait and tackle shops, sporting goods stores that emphasize hunting and fishing, boating stores (WestMarine, BoatUS, etc.), and perhaps in marina stores. Some of the marina stores hold their back issues, so if not at one, try another.

If you are unable to obtain a copy of this magazine ($2), you are welcome to send a SASE, No. 10, to me at P. O. Box 88, Rahway, NJ 07065, for one (1) free copy of the article. If you require more, please consider including a contribution: we all know Epson Color Printers use the most ink from the smallest cartridges!!

Gerry, N2GJ has also posted a DVRA email elsewhere in NJQRP Yahoo Groups, regarding the upcoming ARRL New Jersey Convention in conjunction with the Trenton Computer Fest, and the DVRA Hamfest. This email was to primarily ask for presenters of some topics in amateur radio for this upcoming convention in April 2010. Please research this email and determine if you can be a presenter for this convention (which is also expected to be the April meeting for the NJQRP).

While I expect to add to these initial notes on the meeting, with more detail of our presentations, I don't believe anyone was taking any pictures, as I have none, and if you do, please post them as an addition to this message. Thanks !

73, 'Nuff said,
Dennis Kopecky, W2IU (ex WJ2R)

See you all at the next meeting! (See the NJQRP Event Calendar for the full set of meeting dates.)

Last updated: November 22, 2009