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Saturday, October 27, 2007


Richard Bitzer, WB2ZKW; Mark Phillips, NI2O; Denis Albisser, AB2PD; Alan Miner, WA1CZG; Dave Ottenberg, WA2DJN; Bryan Williams, AA3WM; Charles Lazarchak, W3DEA; Lenny Wintfeld, W2BVH; John Zaruba, AA2BN; Joe Jesson, KB9LZB; Tony Canuso, N2ATB; Ted Groke, W2TAG; Bob Sturke, AB2WM; Vojtech Bubnik, OK1IAK; Gerry Jurrens, N2GJ; Pushpendra Khaira, AB2XF; David Wilmore, N0YMV; Joe Everhart, N2CX.

Meeting notes:

Joe Jesson discussed the latest very sensitive GPS receiver chips and applications to coherent communications where time and frequency coordination are paramount.

Mark Phillips showed off his various clocks including one that displayed on the face of an oscilloscope and a retro clock using large Nixie tubes. He also showed off one of the $10 barebones computers he has been working with and was generous enough to give away a number of back issues of Rad Com magazine.

Dave Ottenberg discussed his further adventures with his clandestine dipole so that he can effectively get on the air in his restricted community.

David Willmore optimized his attic fan dipole. However, that's rather moot since he announced that he is moving to the Indianapolis area, too far to make it to monthly meetings and too long for his feedline to stretch.

Lenny's 6m beam is now and up works well for receiving. He is still chasing a -35 dB oscillator feedthrough in this homebrew 6 meter transmitter.

Ted Groke demonstrated his SMT Rework station, an Aoyuoe which is made in China and is ROHS compliant. He reports that using this tool and the correct solder paste makes SMT construction and rework easy for almost anyone.

Vojtech showed off Steve Weber's ATS3B prototype and his own ATS2B customized to operated digital modes. He demonstrated the two devices communicating with each other using PSK31. He ran the rigs from Lion battery packs since he is still waiting for delivery of his bench power supply from BG Micro. He also discussed his hampocket software running on his pocket pc. It is available from packetdigi@sourceforge.net. He also reported lots of interest in the ATS3B on the ats group on yahoo groups.

John Zaruba discussed his success with a D-STAR Icom HT runnin W on 70 cm. Signals not audible on analog FM are quite usable in D-STAR mode and was able to communicate 5 miles thru heavy woods. He touted D-Star benefits for public safety comms.

There was a general discussion of the D-STAR protocol. Others can license this protocol and make compatible radios though not many have found it economical. Icom's D-STAR is quite expensive and price limits wider use of technology. They do sell a D-STAR module than can be interfaced to any analog FM transceiver that will handle 9600 baud data.

Push and Vojtech lamented use of open source code for DSP and SDR since it often requires used of specialized development systems and sometimes code modules are available only commercially. Also open source code limited so specific use for project that the developer is interested in.

Gerry spoke of meeting Joe Taylor K1JT the Nobel winning physicist at a recent PackRats meeting discussing 2M moonbounce with very high gain antennas. JT is reportedly a down to earth guy and developer of the Low data rate meteor scatter software.

Joe E. recounted Jamboree 2007 efforts for Girl, Boy and Cub Scouts at N3NR's QTH in EPA that the NJQRP donated to. It was a very successful day with demos of ham radio, emergency communications, over 40 Electronic Crickets kits built by scouts and a fox hunt with three transmitters in the AM broadcast band modulated with CW tones sending BSA, GCA and CSA.

See you all at the next meeting! (See the NJQRP Event Calendar for the full set of meeting dates.)


Joe, N2CX and
George, N2APB  

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