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Saturday, September 29, 2007

We had five attendees who were first-timers. Welcome to you as well as our regulars. Please feel free to attend any time you can.

Name Call Note
Lenny Wintfeld W2BVH
Larry Greidinger WA2DGD
Alan Miner WA1CZG
Luis Anaya N2ZXE
Tony Canuso N2ATB 1st mtg
Ted Groke W2TAG
Mario Dianora N2AK
Allan Owen WA3OWT
Mike Korejwo KB3HMR
Denis Albisser AB2PD
Lazaro Munoz K2LAZ 1st mtg
Frank Schoellkopf KF2YD 1st mtg
Richard Bitzer WB2ZKW
Eric Rives KB2JYZ
John M. Santel KC2RAO 1st mtg
Martin Hariss KB2JYZ
Push Khaira AB2XF
Gerry Jurrens N2GJ
Vojtech Bubnik OK1IAK 1st mtg
David Wilmore N0YMV
James Wilmore (harmonic)
Joe Everhart N2CX

Lenny, W2BVH had an impressive slide presentation on a well-built very creative 6 meter yagi antenna. Lenny homebrewed nearly every thing in the antenna except for extruding the elements themselves. His photographic essay was as thorough impressive as the project itself. He did admit, however that it certainly would have been more cost effective to simply go out and buy the antenna!

Ted, W2TAG showed off his excellent example of very lightweight, flexible keyer paddle leads recycled from inexpensive headphones.

Mario, N2AK spoke of his ongoing personal ambitious rig project that is homebrew from the ground up. He hopes to have it complete enough to show off at a meeting in the near future.

Mike, KB3HMR showed the group a book entitled “Math Doesn’t Suck” written by the young star of a popular TV show Danica McKellar. She is also an accomplished mathematician and the book is an appeal to young ladies to become interested in mathematics.

Eric, KB2HMV solicited suggestions for construction projects. Our focus on homebrewing is very appealing to him.

Martin, KB2JYZ is an ARM devote. He spoke about his project with them and asked if the group would be interested in seeing some development gear at a future meeting. The group replied affirmatively so he will give us a deeper run-down soon.

Push, AB2XF showed off his latest extension to the NJQRP counter, a functional RS 232 output interface that requires only a software update that he has written and some resistors. He has a solution that needs no dedicated RS232 driver/receiver. The software will be available for distribution shortly.

Vojtech, OK1IAK is a relative newcomer to New Jersey and he makes his appearance with a splash. He has been working closely with Steve KD1JV to incorporate PSK-31 directly into the latest version of Steve’s popular ATS-3 rig, the ATS-3B. PSK-31 transmit coding is built directly into the radio, requiring only a PDA running Vojtech’s code to have a complete very small portable PSK-31 station. He will show it off hopefully at the next club meeting.

David, N0YMV in addition to showing off his new son showed his well-augmented Nintendo DS. He attempted to place a cell phone call by using it to link to the Mark Phillips Asterix interface via Wifi and the Internet. He also reports that his young son is learning the Morse code, starting with Dah.

Joe, N2CX showed off some projects that will be used in an upcoming Cub Scout and Girl Scout Jamboree. NJQRP is supporting the effort by N3NR in Glen Mills, Pa on Oct 20th. The scouts will see on-the air demonstrations, learn how to put up an antenna and will also build some kits and participate in a hidden transmitter hunt. Joe showed off one of the kits, an Electronic Cricket and the very simple fox hunt transmitter that operates in the AM broadcast band.

See you all at the next meeting! (See the NJQRP Event Calendar for the full set of meeting dates.)


Joe, N2CX and
George, N2APB  

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