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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Attendees (8 hams):

A small but dedicated group of QRP devotees!

Gerry Jurrens, N2GJ - Kingston, NJ
Len Wintfield, W2BVH - Cranford, NJ
John Acacia, KB3OXW - Morrisville, PA
Tom Ledoux, KD3DI - Chalfont, PA
Vojtech Bubnick, AB2ZA - Plainsboro, NJ

Meeting notes:

AB2ZA Vojtech recently implemented WSPR mode in his Super ATS-3B QRP Transceiver. Running 800 mw on 30M to a dipole at 10-15 meters up, he’s been heard in Australia, New Zealand and all over Europe! He describes it as a great learning/propagation tool.

KB3OXW John is experimenting with different configurations of wire antennas, "stealth" ones. He wonders what the effect of "folding" the ends of a dipole around on itself. We advised him to contact Jim Dicso K2SZ.

KD3DI John brought his NUE-PSK modem (original version) and we chatted about the pros and cons of upgrading to the latest/greatest versions.

W2BVH Len brought two and a half SDR reveivers (see photo and video). The modular unit has plug-ins for 20 and 40 meters. The standalone unit is for 10 meters. The cost is about $15 each! As he says in the video, he's connected these to a very old (10 years+) PC and the soundcard is the limiting factor in that setup.
Len added this: about three-four weeks ago, he worked Greenland on 6 meters (first time on ANY band!). He was using 100 watts to his homebrew 6-element (13.5' boom) antenna.

N2GJ I took notes and intend to transmit these when we adjourn!

Additions/corrections welcome!

Respectfully submitted, 73,
Gerry Jurrens, N2GJ

See you all at the next meeting! (See the NJQRP Event Calendar for the full set of meeting dates.)

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