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Saturday, February 27, 2010

NJQRP meeting notes (via N2MPM, minor editing by N2GJ)


N2AK Mario
N2ATB Frank
AD2DA Denis
K2GW Gary
NU2I Tom
N2MPM Brian
K2SZ Jim
AA3UR David
AB2ZA Vojtech
WB2ZKW Richard

Meeting notes:

N2MPM talked about his rover activities in the January ARRL VHF/UHF contest

AA3UR brought in some HRO 60 and HRO M. re-capped (capacitors) units. Rebuilding Power Supply. HRO M is weak, need resistors replaced. Paper HV cap caught him off guard, it blew major bits of the PS. Discussion of dogbone resistors, how to capture the realistic effect of older resistors. Show of hollow state test equipment. Discussion of fixing classic test equipment. Grid Dip meter and Signal Generator

K2GW discussion of ARRL convention and Boy Scout table at Hamvention. Discussion of making replicas.

K2SZ Renewed interest in crystal radio and stealth antenna. Running lo profile antenna. Picked up tubes from an estate and put up some on eBay. Discussion of Bumblebee capacitors. setting up a vintage station. Participated in WPX RTTY contest.

General discussion of 30 meter and PSK. Short discussion about Air Force MARS.

DIscussion of DTMF and rotary phone from an historical perspective. Discussion of manual switchboard in Boy Scout camps.

NU2I spoke about the digital control of model trains. Next meeting of the DVRA will be a field trip to the Kuser Mansion in Hamilton. Tom bought a ground plane antenna made of telescoping elements. Bought AMP that WB2BVH recommended.

AB2ZA usb connected time source watched platform www.ti.com/ez430. Accelerometers full on development kit. Morse code decoder board new development of ssb . Direct signal to the chip 2.7 and 5.0 for contrast. (3mA) lo power consumption also does ask decoding. Steve Brewer is finalizing the ATS 4 transceiver . Can usb charge. Near final phase of development. Tuning is only with a bar graph. Usb to serial converter replace for Nokia with 3.3 V interface. Technique for connectors hot glue as a fill around heat shrink tubing.

Cheap source of heat gun is a craft store embossing gun.

Discussion of RC Helicopter large heat shrink available from hobby stores. Hobby King was mentioned as a good source of parts.

AD2DA discussion of previous calls. He has a 2002 Buick with digital dash low brightness, problem was in the dash. Fix was to replace the resistor that had unsolder himself with the heat. Advice is to use the dash lighting slightly less than full brightness. Scientific calculator $2 offer to the group.

W2TAG TRF 3 tube receiver Cunningham 301 from 1923 in a rosewood box. Discussion of control and operations unit donated to a South Jersey organization. 30M recommend inverted V antenna. Needed a 60M antenna. Antenna Supergainer. Introduced N3AVT.

N3AVT Builder. Microwave chip caps is his business. interest in antennas and towers. Discussion of microwave cap manufacturing and makeup. All the vials contained actual capacitors.

N2AK Told us about the classic exchange with multiplier based upon the age of the equipment on (CW) He has 33 pieces of equipment with 1800 year. Attempted to work FD QRP. Discussion of various antenna and adding elements to a current antenna. Discussion about adding elements to loops. Discussion of PIC controlled phase locked loop . Now he has built a home monitor that communicates via a phone line to power other systems using PIC via serial comms to control antenna switching.

Discussion about Inverted L with fixed tune circuit to switch in tank circuits for 80 and 40 band.

N2ATB also participated in classic exchange 2 radio with age multiplier of 240 years. Offered encouragement to work classic equipment

K2GW announced that there will be the ARRL NJ State convention April 24-25 at the College of NJ. Many of the regular speakers are hams.

WB2ZKW has put his ham station back together. Has solid state and hollow state. Looking for recommendations on antennas. Gamma match the fence, end fed 1/2 wave antenna. Try a offset fed antenna, have a good counterpoise to limit the fence radiation possibility.

KC2VGL high performance testing with GPS indoor and cellluar for people tracking. Magazine recommendation of elector.

Discussion of Harbor Freight

Discussion of EU and free education

Discussion of mapping and town centers and GPS: getting you there.

Cherryville Hamfest is back on March 20.


N2MPM and N2GJ

See you all at the next meeting! (See the NJQRP Event Calendar for the full set of meeting dates.)

Last updated: June 14, 2010