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Monday, December 7th, 2009

Held at the Forrestal Village Mall Food Court - Princeton, NJ

Many of us have missed having our annual Atlanticon QRP Forums, but they had grown to be so much work and expense over the years that it was difficult to continue putting them on. So we put our heads together and developed the concept of a smaller-scale alternative that might be just as enjoyable for those here in the NJ region. We dubbed it the "NJQRP Dinner & Forum".

We were able to find a great spot for the NJQRP Dinner & Forum and we locked in the date of Monday, December 7th from 5-8 pm.

The Dinner & Forum was held at the Food Court at the Forrestal Village Mall just off Rt. 1 in Princeton. We are used this location as our backup monthly meeting place, and it is just perfect for us... lots of space and tables to spread out our projects, parts and radios (just like to good ol' days at the other 2nd floor food court), four different cuisines to choose from based on personal taste and budget, and fairly quiet for our presentations after dinner.

It was sort of like a mini-Atlanticon. We had a chance to socialize, show off some projects, kits and parts, have a dinner of our own choosing, and hear a "QRP + Homebrewing Talk" given by Joe N2CX and George N2APB. An exciting and unique presentation of "Quick 'n Easy Projects".

There was an hour of QRP socializing, coffee and soft drinks as we mill around tables in the banquet room holding various homebrew projects, kits & parts for sale, and other "mini hamfest" types of items. There were also door prizes and a raffle for a QRP gem.

Gerry, N2GJ gave up a family birthday dinner to attend the forum so his wife Connie surprised him there with 2 birthday cakes!

See photos below.

George, N2APB &
Joe, N2CX

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