by George Heron N2APB

I've found some "perfectly-sized" enclosures for my various QRP construction projects and have built up a family of them for my: 38 Special, Rainbow Tuner, Battery Pack, Galbraith Paddles, and Stockman Power Meter. Great for field/portable use!

The enclosure itself is based on an aluminum from LMB, model #139: 5.5" wide x 3" deep x 1.5" high. The beauty of this approach is that the boxes are formed in a u-shell design which mates together nice and tight ... perfect front and rear panel space for knobs, switches and displays ... integral with the base which contains the printed circuit, perf board and whatever.

I ordered my boxes from a local electronics store (Lashen Electronics in Denville, NJ). You could also probably order directly from LMB's factory. The price I paid was $8 each.

These components pack up exceptionally well in a small laptop carrying case I have, including antenna, connecting cables, pad and pen. I take the station with me on all my bsuiness trips and (surprisingly) get through the airport inspection gates just fine.

Here are some pictures of what I have so far:

Some other detailed views of the individual components:

More in progress!!



Last Modified: February 1, 1998