LMB Enclosure Ordering Information


Heeger Inc.

6400 Fleet Street

Commerce, CA 90040

Phone: 213-728-5108

Fax: 213-728-4740

The LMB box is model #139: 5.5" wide x 3" deep x 1.5" high. In the price list it is $6.52 Plain and $7.36 Painted. Not sure what shipping would add.

Catalog is dated 9/1/97. Price list is dated May 1997. On all orders for LMB Boxes or Chassis in amounts of $100 or less, catalog prices as printed. For other quantities:

Perhaps a group purchase? ... contact me if interested.

--George N2APB

PS: Thanks to Jim Larsen AL7FS for this updated information on cantacting LMB!


Last Modified: February 1, 1998