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New photo! ... A beautiful shot of the Small Wonder Labs "DSW" circuit board ... Dave's new DDS-controlled monoband Xcvr, now in beta trial.

Wow, what a time and what a showing for Atlanticon 99 QRP Forum, the first ever large QRP gathering on the east coast!  Over 125 QRPers gathered in Baltimore, MD on March 26 and 27 to hear presentations from honored and illustrious QRP authorities: KD1JV, N1PWU, K5FO, NN1G, NA5N, N2CX and W4RNL, while also sharing in the camaraderie and fun of mingling with QRP friends across the country.  Another highlight of Atlanticon 99 was the Homebrew Construction Contest held in the hospitality suite on Saturday ... what an array for fine craftsmanship!

Well, much has been recapped about Atlanticon event (and we'll get all comments posted here pretty soon), but during the interim let this photo gallery suffice as your guide to the excitement, enthusiasm and electricity that was present during the weekend!

(PS: Please help me correct or fill in the missing information in the captions: people, callsigns, rigs, etc.  I'm still extremely pooped from all the excitement and I did the best I could from memory :-)

Thanks so much to all for attending Atlanticon!  We hope to make it even bigger and better next year!!

72/73, George N2APB
  for the NJ-QRP Club


Saturday's QRP Forum

31. Master of Ceremonies N2APB opening the Saturday QRP Forum

34. LB Cebik, W4RNL during his talk on HoHOPLS

37. Dave Benson, NN1G during his talk on 6-meter design considerations

39. Paul Harden, NA5N during his talk on Solar Disturbances Made Easy

40 & 41. Chuck Adams, K5FO during his delightfully informative talk on SPICE

42. Joe Everhart, N2CX during his talk on a PIC-based Power Meter

45 & 46. Steve "Melt Solder" Weber, KD1JV during his very resourceful talk on Troubleshooting techniques

36. Dean Marzocca, N2TNN drawing one of the 80+ door prizes in between speakers

38. Ron Polityka, WB3AAL accepting a surprise award from his growing EPA QRP Club

142 WB3AAL receives EPA QRP award

47. George Heron, N2APB accepting the NJ-QRP award for club member of the year (a total surprise, BTW)

1 & 32. Views of the audience during Saturday talks

28, 29 & 30. Some discussion in between the talks on Saturday

The Homebrew Contest

12 & 13. Award winning Herring Aid 5 … beautiful construction from Jim Giammanco, N5IB

14. Award winning W7ZOI Spectrum Analyzer by Jim, N8QOH

92. Prize Chairman N2SMH presenting a homebrew contest award (EMTECH NW80) to Jim, N8QOH for his W7ZOI Spectrum Analyzer contest entry

8. Preston Douglas, WJ2V award winning 2N2/40 homebrew rig

9. A closer look at Preston’s "ugly" construction

65, 66 & 67. A proud Preston Douglas WJ2V showing off his award-winning 2N2/40 transceiver

95. N2SMH next awarding a homebrew contest prize to Preston Douglas for his 2N2/40 contest entry (certificate for a 44-Magnum when ready)

3. Nice construction of a homebrew Sierra, during Homebrew Contest

4. N2EI’s nice array of homebrew gear: SW30+, Fireball, KnightLites SMITE

5. W2GUM’s "Thing-a-ma-Jig" … a fixture to hold components under test

6. K3CHP’s sturdy homebrew rig

7. N2CQ’s red Fireball

11. Nice job on a GQ40

15. Inside view of N2SMH’s clean Z-Match … note the large toroid

140 N2SMH "ZM-2 on steroids" z-match tuner

16. Inside view of the Red Hot 40 transceiver brought by K5FO

17. Inside view of a nicely homebrewed Pixie

18. A beautiful Super Tuner … fabulous aircraft-quality switches on front panel

54. AA1MY checking out one of the Homebrew Contest entries

72. An interesting homebrew contest entry: a flexible "third hand" fixture.

73. WK8G’s QRPpaddles homebrew contest entry

74. Elmar, K2EL contest entry

75. W2GUM’s homebrew contest entry: a self-contained QRP antenna container/winder

76. Danny Gingell’s QRP Canon speaker system (described in Jan QQ)

78 & 79. Homebrew contest entries from WV3J (i.e., the fluid homebrew!)

80. Paul Harden’s 2N2/40 (partial) rig submitted for the contest … fabulous construction!

The Hospitality Suites

19. Coordinator N2TNN holding one of the bright orange Atlanticon shirts … seemed like almost everyone had one on!

21. N2EI discussion the finer points of antenna design with W4RNL and WK8G

22 & 23. Paul Harden NA5N giving some solar flare listening advice to WJ2V and N7PWU

24 & 69. Seab, AA1MY showing off his famous antenna kite!

141 AA1MY monster kite

43. Seab’s antenna-support kit at about 200 feet!

44. And the group of guys holding onto it!

25 & 63. N2CQ manning the NJ-QRP table … lots of interest in the FB40 and Amp kits

26. N2CX discussing the finer points of his PICpm paper, presented on Saturday

27, 50 & 55. A very busy N2SMH at the registration table … people couldn’t get their Atlanticon Badges fast enough!

48, 53 & 58. There was a constant crowd around Dave Benson’s SWL table displaying the prototype "DSW" board … whatta work of art! (Dave says his DDS controlled xcvr is coming soon.)

129 NN1G Small Wonder Labs setup

137 NN1G SWL setup

49. W2DP proudly showing his new Atlanticon shirt

51, 60 & 64. Some discussion at the QRP hospitality suite

52. Gil of American QRP Radio Manufacturing Company constantly had tons of interest in his little red keys.

127 Gil Kost of American Keys

56. K3HW ardently describing some solar flare communication experience to NA5N

57. And an incredulous NA5N response! :-)

59. WA2UNN and N2JS take time out for a Kodak Moment

61. W2DP (left) and N2TNN

62. Part of the growing EPA QRP group

68. A photo op with NN1G, K3ASW, W4RNL and N2CX

70. WB8MCQ showing some interest in the FB40 kit

71. Steve Weber, KD1JV showing off his new DDS project

128 Steve KD1JV and his DDS VFO

134 Steve Weber KD1JV

77. Nick, son of N2TNN, getting some tips from Gil on one of his little red keys (Nick is preparing for his license, and provided some incredible assist all weekend long!)

91. Even junior W1REX  has an Atlanticon shirt … sized XXXS! And he's a Zombie, no less!

132 Rex Harper scores another Zomboids sale

133 Zomboids and prototyping boards

122 Quality time in the hotel lobby

123 FB40 sales crew

126 More FB40 sales crew

124 Friday night hospitality suite crowd shot

130 Another Friday nite hospitality suite crowd shot

125 Deep technical discussion

131 Anybody need a neat shirt?

135 SW40+ with KD1JV DDS VFO

136 Close-up of SWL FreqMite and rig

138 Zomboids shots

139 George, N2ABP "closing" a sale

Group Photos

84. The Jersey QRP Club members in attendance at Atlanticon

82. The Eastern PA QRP Club in attendance at Atlanticon

86. The Maryland Milliwatters Club members in attendance at Atlanticon

85. The North Penn ARC members in attendance at Atlanticon (L-R): Joe W3PNL, Russ K3NLT, Ken KA3WMJ, and Paul N3YSI

89. The Long Island QRP Club members in attendance at Atlanticon

96. The honored and illustrious Atlanticon speakers (l-R): KD1JV, N1PWU, K5FO, NN1G, NA5N, N2CX and W4RNL … thanks guys for a fabulous QRP Forum!!!!

97. The Atlanticon Staff … these guys made it all happen (L-R): N2APB, N2TNN, Dean’s son Nick, N2SMH and N2CQ.

143 Atlanticon banner with signatures

144 Atlanticon banner

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