Why QRP?

A Report on the Joys of Low-Power Ham Radio


These slides are a compilation of notes, pictures and references taken from a variety of sources and initially presented at a local amateur radio club here in northern NJ. The response was pretty favorable so we thought we'd make it generally available and viewable here on the NJ-QRP website pages.

Many people have contributed in the making of this set of slides: Scott Rosenfeld (NF3I), Ade Weiss (W0RSP), Frank (G3YCC), George Dobbs (G3RJV), Dick Pascoe (G0BPS), Joe Everhart (N2CX), Dave Maliniak (N2SMH) and Bruce Muscolino (W6TOY). Thank you one and all for your material, wisdom and words of encouragement! This project could not have been completed without your help.

Additionally, I borrowed images from a several websites to round out the equipment pics; most notably from the NorCal site and from Chuck Adams' web page ... thank you Jerry and Chuck!

Usage Ground Rules

Okay, it's simple ... view it as much as you like here online, or download it and view it locally on your own PC as much as you like for non-commercial purposes. Feel free to use it at your club gatherings, print it off and distribute it to new hams in your local groups ... whatever you care to do.

However in return I'd like to have any changes or improvements you feel might enhance the value of the presentation. For your verbal/graphic/algebraic contribution, I will add it to the slide set and list you in the credits section, in which you shall be forever immortalized!

The idea is to provide a nice, useful, visual reference of QRP operating techniques, equipment and reference material for the general QRP community at large. With everyone's help we can make this a pretty interesting and beneficial endeavor.

Thanks all & 72/73,

--George Heron, N2APB

This page was last updated on: September 8, 1998