Mahattan Homebrewing Starter Kits

A couple of us local QRPers came back from Dayton this past May with a reasonable stock of good quality, double-sided, 1/16" pcb material. We bought as many big sheets of this stuff as we could push along in a shopping cart through torrential rain back to my truck, bloodied our fingers from handling it all, and ripped the upholstery that it rubbed against during the trip back home. (This is all true and it was quite an adventure, but its another story :-)

Anyway, it was a good deal and we figured we'd find a way for QRPers to use this stuff. So with all the talk here on the lists about where to get boards and how exorbitant the prices are, we scratched our respective heads and came up with ...

"The NJQRP Manhattan Homebrewing Starter Kit"
1) 2 copper-clad boards 6" x 9" (e.g., nice for base and panels boards of Boy Scout Regen Receiver in QHB #4)
2) 4 copper-clad boards 3" x 4.5" (good for those smaller projects, like an RF amp, audio amp, etc.)
3) 5 assorted small scrap pieces of copper-clad boards (good for creating braces, standoffs, punched pads, etc)
4) 4 thin 3/16" x 6" strips of copper-clad material (snip off in 1/8" increments to create about 200 Manhattan Pads)
5) 1 small tube of Elmer's Super Glue (2 grams ... enough to attach several hundred pads)
6) 1 Scotch-Brite abrasive pad (for board cleaning)
7) The "Manhattan-Style Homebrewing Guide" (some 20 pages of instruction, recommended tools, photo examples from experts such as Jim Kortge, Chuck Adams and Joe Everhart, and simple practical example projects.)

We hope QRP homebrewers will take advantage of this deal - and we think you'll agree that it is indeed a deal - and get a Manhattan Homebrewing Starter Kit soon.  It's a convenient way to get started making some of these projects you've seen in each issue of QRP Homebrewer, on QRP-L and even in QST.  Just add your favorite components, melt some solder and you'll be in business!

BTW, we have a really neat announcement coming up when the next issue of QHB hits the streets next week.  Goes hand-in-hand with this Starter Kit.  Homebrewers will really like it.  Can't say anymore at the moment.

This kit is retired and no longer available.

Write a check or M.O. made payable to "George Heron, N2APB" and send to:
     George Heron, N2APB
     2419 Feather Mae Court
     Forest Hill, MD  21050

Or use ...
       NJQRP kits can be ordered through the popular PayPal website.   Just use the name & email address of "George Heron, N2APB", and you'll save yourself the effort of writing a check and putting the letter into the mail!



Last Modified:  May 20, 2002