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QHB #7 -- December 2001

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Fun With Stubs by Dave Benson, K1SWL

Build the SOP Receiver by Joe Everhart, N2CX
SOP Receiver Application Notes  by Joe Everhart, N2CX
Field Strength Meter  by Graham Firth, G3MFJ/W3MFJ
Instant Manhattan  by Tony Fishpool, G4WIF
Clothes Line Spool Antenna by Tom McCuen, AA2VK
WB7AEI Pixie Deluxe Transceiver R1 by Philip DeCaire, WB7AEI
Updating the Argosy by Fred Bonavita, K5QLF
Modifying the WARC-bler  by Dave Meacham, W6EMD
Surreptitious Slinky Skywires  by T.J. "Skip" Arey, N2EI
The NJQRP "Slinkette"  by Joe Everhart, N2CX and T.J. "Skip" Arey, N2EI
A Look at the Low Power Scrapbook  by Fred Bonavita, K5QLF
The Short Finder  by Dave Ottenberg, WA2DJN
Mounting IC Sockets a la Manhattan  by Dov Rabinowitz, AD0V
Rainbow Tuner Lives Again  by Joe Everhart, N2CX and George Heron, N2APB

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