Specialty Parts Kit 

for the

Small Wonder Labs' PSK-20 Transceiver

This kit is sold out and is no longer available.

The NJ-QRP Club is pleased to be able to assist homebrewers all over the world by providing the specialty parts for the "PSK-20" Transceiver from Small Wonder Labs. This inexpensive project is a single-board 20m transceiver capable of PSK31 operation when used in conjunction with a PSK31 software program (like DigiPan) on your computer.  The "Panoramic Transceiving System for PSK31" was the subject of an award-winning article in QST for June 2000 and was featured on the front cover of that issue.  


qty  designator  description
3  L11, L12, L13  T-50-6 cores
2  Q4, Q12  2N7000 MOSFET transistors
1  Q1  J310 JFET transistor
1  Q11  2SC1678  (substitute for discontinued 2SC2078) Heatsink not included.
1  T2  FT50-43 core
2  U1, U6 TFM-2 ring diode mixer (sub for TUF-1)
2  U3, U7  SA612AN mixer IC


1) If you have already ordered the PSK-20 Kit from Small Wonder Labs, you do NOT need these specialty parts from the NJ-QRP Club.  The parts are already included in the PSK-20 Kit.

2) These specialty parts are being provided only as a "set".  We are not able to provide them individually.

3) See a photo of the PSK-20 transceiver board.

4) You can download the QST article, A Panoramic Transceiving System for PSK31 from the ARRL webpage featuring PSK31 information. (Right-click the link above and "save as..." in order to download the 358K PDF file to your local computer. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the article.)

5) You can download a copy of the free DigiPan program from the site of its author Howard "Skip" Teller, KH6TY at http://members.home.com/hteller/digipan/ 

            This kit is retired and no longer available.

- Shipping charges are included in the price of the parts kit.  
- The NJ-QRP Club ships kits by USPS First Class mail within 5 days after receipt of order. 
- You will be notified if the there are delays in shipment of your kit.
- Proceeds from the sale of this PSK-20 Specialty Parts Kit are applied to QRP activities sponsored by the NJQRP Club throughout the year, and most notably toward sponsorship of the Atlanticon QRP Forum held annually at the end of March in Timonium, MD.
- Special thanks go to Dave Benson, NN1G and Small Wonder Labs for the opportunity to assist in the availability of the PSK-20 Kit and for his efforts in making the PSK31 mode more accessible to hams everywhere.

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Last Modified: May 20, 2002