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HEY, we're finally moving strongly into the final stretches of this project! The Introduction and Design installments have been chronicled in QRPp issues this year (Spring and Summer '98), and we're currently finishing up prototype evaluation of two units. When that's completed, we'll have a concluding article in QRPp describing the construction and operation. Then soon thereafter, the NJ-QRP club will be offering this project as a kit for those wishing to experiment with a simple microcontroller and ultimately customize the project as your own personal keyer and beacon.

You can follow the links below for the Background and Requirements, but you can now also follow this link to see the latest Design notes from project manager K2UT. Thanks to able assistants N2CX and N2APB on this project.

What is this Project?

The MicroBeacon is the first project collaboratively designed by NJQRP club members. As a group, we've taken this project through some of the standard "phases" of an industry design: requirements, design, construction, test and operation.

The MicroBeacon is the combination of a memory keyer and controllable RF attenuator. Although not initially intended for kitting to the general QRP community, MicroBeacon were supplied to several club members who wished to participate in many of the project's phases.

Bob Applegate, K2UT, is the project manager for the MicroBeacon. Bob has driven the requirements discussion and has been in charge of subsequent phase activities.

You can follow the development and evolution of the MicroBeacon in the sections below. Click on each respective section to view the thoughts, considerations, trade-offs, debate and ultimate decisions taken in this club project.

Background Information

Thoughts on Requirements

Design Notes

"Introduction & Requirements" article (as printed in the Spring '98 issue of QRPp)

"Design" article (as printed in the Summer '98 issue of QRPp)

Operation (this phase not yet reached)

Software (left-click to view, or right-click to download and "Save as..." on local system)

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