NJQRP Meeting Summary

November 19, 2005

     Great to see the regulars today and several newcomers as well!  Overall, we had 24 people in attendance and it was one of those memorable meetings that was super interesting - something for everyone, as they say.

     We tried something new - making and audio recording of the "discussion portion" of the meeting - and it worked out quite well. If you were not able to attend this month's meeting, here's a chance to listen in on the MP3 recordings below.  This 48-minute-long  informative portion of our meeting is arranged by topic, as described below, in order to facilitate easier downloading of the MP3 file, as well as to allow listeners to zero-in on the desired portion of the talks.  
     (For best results, right-click on the desired MP3 file and "save as" to your local computer.  Have patience, as most of the files are large and they will take a minute or two to make it to your computer. Then, you should be able to just double-click on the file in your Explorer file browser, or equivalent, to bring up your default media player.  If you have problems, open up your Windows Media Player application, or equivalent, and navigate to the folder in which you stored the MP3 files, then select the desired file to listen to.)

     Thanks to the photo journalism done by Bryan AA3WM and Gerry N2GJ at the meeting, we have a nice set of photos that document the various projects and members in attendance.  There are some pretty interesting shots in here if you look carefully ...  you'll see the projects mentioned above, as well as a couple hidden gems.
     Click here to see the AA3WM photos     Click here to see the N2GJ photos


So, to say the least, we had a super-informative meeting, with visibility to lots of projects and activities coming down the pike for NJQRPers!

     We discussed a number of projects at the meeting ... you can find out more about each of them at the following online locations:

     At the meeting today several folks asked where I got the USB flash drive that I was showing. It is a flash drive in which you decide what memory capacity you want by plugging in your own card. The one I had was for Secure Digital cards though the same devices are available also for Compact Flas, Memory Stick or xD Picture Card formats. The beauty is that one can read memory cards directly into a computer without cables, or large adaptors. I use mine all the time also to record MP3 files for replay on an MP3 player/FM modulator.
     The USB adaptors are called "USB Ultradrive" and are manufactured by Mediagear. Office Depot used to carry them in their stores though they are now available only online through www.officedepot.com. The adaptors are $9.99 each - plus shipping of course.

N2CX MP3 PLayer/FM Modulator
The MP3 player/FM modulator provides a modulated FM signal on one of 7 selectable frequencies at the bottom of the FM band. It will accept an audio input from an external player or tape drive plus it has an internal MP3 player that plays files on a USB flash drive that you plug into the modulator. The device is built into a 12V cigar lighter plug for automotive use. Walmart carries them in the automotive and electronics sections for about $30.00.

Those Attending
     Gerry Jurrens (N2GJ), Dave Ottenberg (WA2DJN), John Cawthorne (KE3S), Alan Miner (WA1CZG), Richard Bitzer (WB2ZKW), Mark Phillips (G7LTT), John Zaruba (AA2BN), Marc Franco (N2UO), Patty Franco, Charlie Dietrich (N2CTW), Bob Almeida (WA3HBT), Dave Porter (AA3UR), Bryan Williams (AA3WM), David Willmore (N0YMV), Lenny Wintfeld (W2BCH), Lamar Derk (N3AT), Denis Albisser (AB2PD), Ken Newman (N2CQ), Mike Ardovino (N2EAB), Neil Heft (KC2KY), Mark Handy (KE3VJ), Joe Everhart (N2CX), and George Heron (N2APB).


Last Modified:  November 21, 2005