NJ-QRP Meeting: Saturday, October 21

Attendees: Jim K2SZ, Marc N2UO, Alan WA1CZG, Bryan AA3WM, Charles W3DEA, Gerry N2GJ, Denis AB2PD, Richard WB2ZKW, David N0YMV, Dave WA2DJN, Mario N2AK, Frank Schoellkopf KF2YD (guest), Joe N2CX

- A number of the usual suspects enjoyed our newly instituted pre-meeting at the Princeton Denny's for eggs and tall tales. It looks like this purely social activity is so popular that we will keep it up.

- At the meeting we once again thanked Gerry N2GJ for arranging our regular meeting place in the Princeton Red Cross facility. He mentioned that if there is a scheduling conflict in the future the nearby Kingston Fire Hall may be available.

- Joe N2CX gave a short synopsis of the recent QRPacificon Conference in San Ramon, CA. A number of QRP notables gave interesting discussions out there including: Chuck K7QO with a discussion of crystal oscillators as stable clock oscillators for frequency measurement, Monte N5ESE described and showed his extensive collection of homebrew projects built into Altoids tins, Bob W3CD gave a blow-by-blow description of making homebrew PC boards, George G3RJV once again gave a rousing presentation on the simple joys of QRPing and homebrew discussion, once again eschewing pelf, Joe N2CX discussed suitable test equipment for the homebrewer in a presentation entitled "What's In Your Workshop". Norcal is gathering presentation material from the conference on their website at: http://www.norcalqrp.org/pacificon06.htm

- Marc N2UO of more-or-less QRP moon bounce fame brought in some digitally recorded files on his laptop from some recent moon bounce reception. Using modified SDR software he played back the files showing how it simulated real-time reception while tuning across the "band" on his laptop.

- Dave WA2DJN described some of his efforts at coming up with an effective "stealth" antenna in a deed-restricted community and solicited advice on how to proceed.

- A "door prize" drawing was held for an NEQRP SCAF kit. David N0YMV used his proprietary pseudo random smoke and mirrors method to pick the lucky recipient Richard WB2ZKW.

- There was a discussion of a proposed multi-month club project to build a modular frequency counter and clock synchronized to a GPS receiver. The concept is to offer it to meeting attendees at a subsidized price based on the cost of parts and to build it in sections, one month at a time. Each meeting would be an opportunity to check out the previous month's module and to distribute the next one. Gerry expressed concern that we not have an uncontrolled workshop session in the Red Cross conference room and was assured that there would be only one workstation manned by a responsible person taking care to prevent any damage to the facilities.

- Plans for Atlanticon 2007 were presented with a general discussion of the intended project a short-range communication device with applications for in-shack signal monitoring and possibly some remote control functions.

- Jim K2SZ announced that on Nov. 11th, 2006, the South Jersey DX Assoc and Old Barney ARC are sponsoring a DX exposition in Manahawkin, NJ (near Long Beach Island). The program will run from 12 Noon to 10 PM and includes many interesting speakers and activities. Among the highlights are "3Y0X DX-experience" presentation by Bob Allphin (K4UEE) presentation , FT2000 demonstrations by Dennis Motshenbocher (K7BV), Battleship NJ presentation, N2VX Turbo Tuner demonstrations, among many others.

We'll get some pictures onto the website soon. Thanks to those who attended - see you all next month!

73, Joe, N2CX 
and George, N2APB 

Last Modified: November 16, 2006