NJQRP Meeting Summary

July 23, 2005

Attendees: AA3WM Bryan Williams, K2SZ Jim Dicso, KD3DI Tom Ledoux, AA2BN John Zaruba, WA2DJN Dave Ottenberg, N2UO Marc Franco, W2BVH Lenny Wintfeld, K2MGM Edwin Roswell, W2GUM Tony Colaguori, N2AK Mario Dinora, W2MC Jon MacMillan, W2TAG Ted Groke, AB2PD Denis Albisser, N0MYV David Willmore, N2CX Joe Everhart, N2GJ Gerry Jurrens.

The July meeting was a laid back affair. There was no formal agenda or program, merely some good old fashioned rage-chewing and showing of everyone's latest goodies.

We were fortunate enough to have Tony W2GUM describe Marconi's early activity in setting up radio equipment to flash race results to the news media. Tony is a wealth of historical knowledge in addition to his unrivalled homebrewing skill.

There were several consumer products that several folks brought to show off. I'm drawing a mental blank on the owner (I apologize profusely) who showed us his cute little stereo amplifier/speaker. It was slightly larger than a PVC pipe Tee but included a 1/8 in audio plug for connection to an MP3 player and small speakers on each end. Though powered by a single AA cell it produced enough audio for private listening though was overcome in the poor food court acoustics. It is reportedly available through www.isellsurplus.com. Be careful when checking their page. The item has two listings, one which sells them for $49 each and the other lists two for $49. This might be a handy accessory to small qrp receivers.

David N0MYV had two show and tell items. The first was a multi-led multicolored pendant that might be useful for lighting a portable station. The second was a "Juice-Box" MP3 and video player sold as a low end children's media accessory. David demonstrated it by playing a pre-recorded pod-cast on its built in speaker. It normally lists for over $50 but he found it for $12 in a clearance sale at Target.

Several Sarnoff Radio Club members discussed this year's field day efforts. When they checked availability of their usual spot on the grounds of the Sarnoff Center, they were told that the area between the Center and Rt 1 (including the spot where the Sarnoff sign is located!) had been sold to Princeton University. An alternative location was provided for their activities closer to the buildings away from Rt1. This proved equally useful and more convenient since bathrooms were accessible at times. The Sarnoff ground does and great job and welcomes NJQRPers and others to participate with them.

Thanks to all who attended - it was great seeing guys.


Last Modified:  July 31, 2005