NJQRP Meeting Summary

February 26, 2004

It was a small meeting with only about 15 members attending, but a nice one. The theme, as set up by Dave Porter AA3UR this time was old-time radios ... guys brought some of their dusty equipment that hasn't been seen or used for years - what a  trip down nostalgia lane! Old ARC rigs, microphones circa 1930, some very cool old radio reference books from Marc N2UO, and some original/vintage (and working!) Heathkit gear (signal analyzer) by Mike KA3HMR.  Some newer projects were present too, such as a homebrew PIC demonstrator of a bouncing LED by David N0YMV, a homebrew dual-crystal VFO by Richard WB2ZKW, and a direction-finding setup used by the local DVRA group.

Thanks to all who attended - it was great seeing guys.  On to Atlanticon in March!!

George N2APB


Some pics collected by David N0YMV ...



Marc N2UO + Lenny W2BVH

Kip KB2EGI & Gary K2GW

300 ELSIE Chips Ready to Kit (by David N0YMV)


Last Modified:  March 8, 2004