NJQRP Meeting Summary

February 25, 2006

The calendar says our last meeting was in November! Gosh that's was quite a while. So we finally had another meeting on Saturday, Feb 25.

There was no fixed theme for the meeting other than discussing club updates and a preview of the Atlanticon conference next month in Maryland.

Of course we encouraged all to show up for the usual socializing, recharging our QRP and homebrewing spirits and showing off our latest projects and acquisitions.

Time and place was the same as always, the food court at the Forrestal Center in Princeton and we assembled at about 9 am..


Some photos of the meeting taken by Bryan Williams, AA3WM ...

Joe and Dave checking out the SQM prototype

Checking out some other stuff

The SQM prototype and schematic

Joe talking to the group

Another shot of Joe speaking

The group attentively listening to Joe

An interesting SW Radio brought in by someone

A meter and digital watch "guts" from ??

Close up of the watch "guts"

Joe's fun stuff from the dollar store

Joe's table of stuff

After meeting chats


Last Modified:  March 12, 2006