VE7PCC Paddles

Designed by Jim Nestor WK8G/2

Jim's detailed design of his marlevous, small, brass QRPpaddles has been on his website (and in our Member Projects page too) for some time. Well, Dave VE7PCC spotted the detailed specs and liked it so much that he built is own from Jim's design.

Here is Dave's message back to Jim, and a photo of his fine handiwork!

Hi Jim,

I was very impressed by your web page and the little paddles really caught my eye. I have to confess, I'm not really a CW fan although I do have my 15 wpm ticket I prefer SSB. The local low power types around here (The BC QRP Club) are allmost entirely phone Brad and I have naturally leaned that way.

Anyway, on to the paddles, I have always loved to build "stuff" and when Brad asked if I'd be willing to give it a go I said yes provided I could build a set for me too (so I could use 'em as a paper weight Hi Hi)...... Anyway, a few days later we had collected all the materials and I spent most of one weekend machining up the first set for Brad. he seems to be happy with them, so I then set about the second set (smaller and with wooden base. His son very kindly got me a really nice piece of Purple Heart, a tropical hard wood with the most wonderfull perfumed smell when being machined.

I have basically followed your instructions and added a couple of things as needed, I milled out a slot for the 3 wire connector, (I used a strip of 3 pins of a header for connection (easily reversed for lefties) and a couple of guitar picks for the paddles)

I have attached a file called IAMBICB.BMP which was taken on a Kodak 120 digital camera and has really turned out quite good, (it may or may not look good if viewed straight from an email viewer ) you may have to save it and look at it via some other viewer of your choice.

Anyway, Jim I had a ball making the keys and just wanted to thank you personally for taking the time to post the info on the web for us all to enjoy.

Thanks again!


And here's a pic of Dave's QRPpaddles ...

Last Modified: Nov 16, 1997