by Bill Nicolson, N2WF

I have been working on my NorCal Paddle kit on and off for the last month. I decided to redo the base and replace the stock 1/2" steel base with a 1" brass base. The screws need to be changed and I intend to invert the plastic handles (turn them down) to compensate for the 1/2" gain in base height.

Shown below are some pictures of my modified NorCal / K8FF Paddle Kit. The base has a flat finish from sand blasting. I'm tyring to decide whether to re-sandblast the base and put a clear finish on it or polish the base like the other brass parts.

And shown below the pictures is a drawing of the base for those who are interested. The displayed resolution isn't so great but it prints out real nice.

William F Nicolson Jr -N2WF



Last Modified: Nov 28, 1997