What key or paddle do YOU use?

The keys and paddles we use with our ham rigs are often like personalized extensions of ourselves.
Here are some of the devices used by members of the NJQRP Club 

Handcrafted brass "mini key" by Tony Colagouri, W2GUM

N2APB:  Te-Ne-Key by Dennis Foster, KK5PY.  Used in mobile station in truck.

N2APB: Micro Te-Ne-Key by Dennis Foster, KK5PY. Used as paddle for portable field ops

N2APB: Paddle from Gil Kost, W3MKE of American QRP Key Mfg Co.  Used in Portable PSK rig field ops

N2APB:  Schurr PROFI-2 paddles.  Used in permanent base station.



Last Modified: Nov 19, 2001