Welcome one and all to the Ham-Pic list. Ham-Pic is a mailing list (reflector) open to all Radio Amateurs for discussion of  Microchip PIC processors, interfacing the PIC to other electronics, and uses of the PIC devices in Amateur Radio. Other microcontroller discussions are considered on topic, but primarily the list is for the PIC microcontrollers.

There are 80 of us here lurking about. Some of subscribers here are very experienced at this but I'm sure most of us are very new to PIC microcontrollers. I know I am.

As lists go, this really is a small group so don't be shy about asking questions and I hope if you can shed any light on an answer you will speak up ... er, I mean type up. ;-) Please don't leave the answer to a select few, they will get tired very quickly if that's the case.

This list needs to remain on topic.  From time to time the listowner may post a message that a current topic should be discontinued.  It is expected that this will be honored by all list participants.  The listowner is the only one to make these posts.

We have a resource website that provides startup information, code snippets, links etc. It's located at http://www.njqrp.org/ham-pic/

I also have included some good starting advice in the introductory message you received when you subscribed. Please take a moment to read it completely. Also, if you think we should add information there, please email me and let me know. It's by no means comprehensive. If you mistakenly delete the message, you can get another by sending a message to majordomo@qth.net and in the body of the message type: intro ham-pic

We're going to have some fun here and this has the potential of becoming a great resource for Amateur Radio Construction Enthusiasts. (I like that better than "Homebrewer")

Looking forward to some good discussions and please post your progress reports too.

To post a message to the list, address it to:  ham-pic@qth.net

This mailing list is sponsored by Al Waller (K3TKJ).

This website is maintained by George Heron, N2APB, and is sponsored by Bob Applegate K2UT, owner of the Virtual Onramp server.

Please address any questions to: owner-ham-pic@qth.net ... and that is currently yours truly: Claton Cadmus.

Thanks and enjoy!



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Last Modified: October 17, 1998