Great news! The FB40 "rev B" kits are still in stock These kits look outstanding, with a new_and_improved PCB that contains:

You can take a look at the revised rev B schematic or at the entire rev B manual (also revised) if you have an Adobe PDF reader installed on your system. (You can also download these to your own system by right-clicking on the links and use "save as" menu item.)

Here's a full-sized photo of a fully-populated FB40b and optional power amp.

Here's a look at the layout for a fully-populated board.

Here's a couple of snapshots from the club kitting party earlier this year:

For complete details of the Jersey Fireball 40 project, and information on how to order yours, go up one level in our website to the FB40 Home Page.

PS: Amplifier Parts Kits are HERE! See the FB40 home page for details on ordering this optional "bag-o-parts" kit and options.

Last Modified: June 12, 1999