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SNAP Application Notes

The NJQRP created a very fun and interesting dimension to those who attended the Atlanticon 2000 QRP Forum: it was the "Atlanticon Kit".

As you probably already know, a Construction Contest was conducted on Saturday night of the Atlanticon QRP Forum weekend (March 24-26), wherein all those who brought their favorite or best-built homebrew project were judged.  Typically these construction contests have several entry categories: commercial kits, scratch-built, paddles, antennas, original designs, etc. Well, at this year's Atlanticon we had *two* categories for the building contest:  "OPEN" (any project, any type of construction), and the "SNAP".

The SNAP is a simple, Manhattan-style constructed transmitter kit intended to demonstrate the ease of this construction style and provide a basic building block for later projects.

This little transmitter isn't going to knock the radiator off any antennas, but it will certainly provide everyone with a neat opportunity to build a Manhattan-style project in a controlled fashion and on a leveled playing field.  It's great for the 1st-time builder and experienced homebrewer alike.  The Winter issue of QRP Homebrewer has tons of advice and examples of Manhattan-style construction, so you can get some ideas, tips and techniques from the experts among us.


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Last Modified: July 1, 2000