~~ Errata ~~

A listing of corrections and recommendations concerning the construction and operation of the
Rainbow Bridge/Tuner Kit

Recent additions to this list are placed at the bottom.
Last update made: 5/7/97

  1. [3/7/97] The printed circuit board holes for the 9 terminals for connecting off-board wires are under-sized. They are a No. 57 hole and should be No. 56, a couple of mils larger. You can either try to open them up a little to get the terminals to seat fully, or just press the terminals in as far as you can and be satisfied. They really don't need to have their shoulders flush with the board. They will be fine once soldered in place. The first 100 or so boards have the small holes. Later boards will have this corrected.

  2. [3/7/97] The holes for the toroid tap wires are a tight fit. While the holes could be enlarged, it is best to just make sure that the leads are twisted tightly and cleaned off when tinned so that they will fit into the existing holes.

  3. [3/7/97] In figure 7, the "L" networks are labeled backwards. The top one should say "Z BELOW 50 OHMS" bottom one should be labeled "Z ABOVE 50 OHMS."

  4. [3/7/97] In Figure 8 and on the printed circuit board, the terminals in the upper right hand corner of the board are labeled backwards. The top one should be labeled "GND" and the one right above the jumper block J1 should be labeled "50 OHMS." This error also appears on Figure 3, the EXTERNAL COMPONENT WIRING DIAGRAM. If you wire per the board markings, your coax center conductor and ground will be reversed, causing strange results! This error will be corrected after the first build of Rainbows (orders above # 300).

  5. [3/7/97] Disregard part numbers on the glass-bodied diodes. They were ordered as 1N34 and should operate as expected. Of course you *do* have to note that the end with the prominent band is the cathode.

  6. [3/7/97] The LEDs may be a loose fit in the Rainbow display SIP socket. If they are too loose, simply tin the LED leads a little with your soldering iron so that they are a little "thicker." Just don't heat them for more than a couple of seconds or the diodes may be damaged.

  7. [3/11/97] Hole dimensions noted in item 1 were corrected to be: "They are No. 57 and should be No. 56." (Item 1 is now correct as it stands.)

  8. [5/7/97] Here's a parts caution for those who have purchased Rainbow kits: Please carefully check precision resistor R9 *BEFORE* you install it on the pc board. It is the sixth one from the end marking on the taped strip of resistors and its color code should be: red-blu-brn-red-brn, corresponding to 56.2K ohms with a 1 % tolerance. Several of you have received resistors of the wrong value. The *wrong* ones are marked red-blu-brn-gold-brn so their value is 56.2 ohms. The components were purchased from a reputable supplier and although we did spot check them, apparently a few wrong ones got through. Please be sure to measure your R9 with an ohmmeter to ensure that it's the right value.


Contact for Questions or to Report Problems:

If you have any questions or want to report problems with the Rainbow, please contact: Joe N2CX, n2cx@voicenet.com


Last Modified May 15, 1997
Last Modified May 15, 1997