Application Note #3

Subject: Terminal Pin Hole Sizes

We have been working with the pc board vendor trying to get the holes for the 9 external connection terminal pins just right. Early boards had holes that were a little tight. The manual tells you to press them firmly into the holes until their shoulder is flush to the board. On early boards the holes are a little tight. You can either drill them out with a No. 56 drill or just press them in as far as they will go and solder them in place. Having the shoulder on the board is not mandatory.

Recent boards may have terminal holes that are slightly oversized so the pins ar not a tight fit. In this case the best installation procedure is to put the pins into their holes and hold them in place with cellophane tape until they are soldered in place. Once soldered the stay just fine.


Joe E., N2CX
from Southern New Jersey, y'all

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